Yorkshire Water Says Reservoir Stocks Still Strong Despite Heatwave

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Water resources in Yorkshire are strong despite the scorching weather in the region. The latest figures from Yorkshire Water show that reservoirs in the area are 80% full- around 11% more than they were last summer. This is despite the temperature in Yorkshire heading towards 80 degrees fahrenheit this week.

Yorkshire Water is also out to reassure residents that there will not be a hosepipe ban this summer for the 18th year on the run. The head of water operations for the company said:

“We are currently in the middle of another great summer and we know that long spells of warm weather can cause people to worry about the threat of a hosepipe ban. We’re proud not to have had a hosepipe ban in the region since 1996 and we don’t see that changing this year.”

The summer heat is sweltering at the moment, with June being the hottest since 1910 and the heatwave at the moment is expected to go on for two weeks. This has prompted Yorkshire Water to join forces with the Yorkshire Water Reservoirlocal emergency services to warn people of the danger of swimming in reservoirs.

The company warned that although the reservoirs may look inviting, the current and water temperature can be unpredictable. Even during warm weather, the temperature can be below freezing. The water may also hide rocks, shallow areas, plants, strong currents and diseases. If you wish to swim outdoors, you are advised to use a swimming pool or a lifeguard patrolled beach.

Back in June, a 38 year old man died after getting into difficulty swimming in Snailsden reservoir, South Yorkshire. Signs have been erected around all reservoirs warning of the dangers to hopefully avoid future tragedies.


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