Yorkshire Water Contact Phone Number

0843 557 3574

Yorkshire Water is one of the leading water suppliers in the Yorkshire district serving homes and business across the county. Here are some of the reasons why you might call their customer service team:

Why Should I Call The Yorkshire Water Phone Number?

  • I want to report a leak in my area
  • Request a copy of your water bill
  • I need information about moving home
  • There is something wrong with my water
  • I would like to know how to save water
  • Take out emergency home cover with HomeServe
  • I wish to make a comment or complaint about Yorkshire Water

Commonly Asked Questions About Yorkshire Water

Many of the people who ring Yorkshire Water customer services have the same problems. We have listed some of the most frequently asked questions and provided their answers below.

There seems to be something wrong with my water – what do I do?

Cloudy or milky water does not pose a health risk. It is simply a side effect of air mixing with the water supply and should disappear as the air bubbles rise to the surface. Discoloured water is not harmful either. It is caused by iron and manganese deposits. However, if it is unappealing, you can get rid of it by running the tap for several minutes or leave it to stand in a jug until the sediment has settled to the bottom.

I need a copy of my water bill for a new tenant – where do I get it?

If you can’t find your bill and need one to give to a tenant who is moving into a property, do not worry. You can request a copy of your water bill by calling the Yorkshire Water contact number or visiting the Yorkshire Water website.

What is HomeServe?

HomeServe is an emergency home cover so that your residence is protected in the event of an emergency, whether it is a fault in the central heating or a blocked toilet. There are four different types of cover that Yorkshire Water customers can take out: Water supply cover, electrical cover, boilers and heating cover, and combined home cover. Customers who take out a policy online will receive a discount on HomeServe.

How to get help from Yorkshire Water when Moving Home?

Whether you are moving into the region, out of the region, or simply elsewhere in the region, you can call Yorkshire Water to discuss having their water supply at your new residence. You will need to have your addresses, date of moving and final meter reading handy.

A Background Of Yorkshire Water

Yorkshire Water is a water supplier that serves West Yorkshire, South Yorkshire and the East Riding area of Yorkshire. It originates from the Yorkshire Water Authority, one of ten different water authorities that were created after the passing of the Water Act in 1973. It was privatised in the late 1980s and later floated on the London Stock Exchange.

Yorkshire Water is chaired by Kevin Whiteman and has Richard Flint as its Chief Executive Officer. It outputs 1.3 GL per day of drinking water every day and makes revenues exceeding £930 million. The company employs approximately 2500 people.

Yorkshire Water has a fairly poor history in terms of its environmental record and water quality. It was fined in 2000 for supplying water that was not fit for consumption. It was hit a second time in 2006 for producing unfit water. And once again it was fined in 2007 for allowing polluted matter to enter their water which resulted in the death of wildlife.

However, it has turned its reputation around in the last few years, to the point that it was awarded ‘Utility Company Of The Year’ by Utility Week three years in a row.

Yorkshire Water owns 72,000 acres of land in the district and often makes it available for people to explore. The company have been known to organise cycle rides, leisure walks and water sports.

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