When To Turn Your Heating On

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Deciding when to turn your heating back on after the summer can be confusing as there are lots of factors to think of, money, the outside temperature and whether it’s socially acceptable yet. Follow the guide below to find out when is the best time to turn your heating on.

when to turn heating on uk

What To Do If You’re Worried About Your Winter Bills

If you’re trying to save money this cold season here are some tips to help keep the heating off and the warmth in.

  • Try to keep your doors open after you cook a meal or have a hot shower as this will allow the heat to spread to the rest of your home
  • If you have a fireplace with an open chimney you can block the draft with a laminate balloon when you’re not using it to keep the heat in and draft out, make sure you remove it before you light the fire. Also, have your roof looked at by the WDR Roofing Company – Cedar Park as there could be areas in need of repair that could be letting the cold in.
  • Select heavier curtains for your home the next time you’re changing them as they will trap the heat and block out any drafts from your windows.
  • When in your home try to wear more layers or fleece clothing to keep in your body heat, if sitting down use blankets for an extra layer as well.

When You Should Turn It On

Npower says most people end up putting their heating on around October, but due to the typical British weather most people start to debate putting the heating on earlier than that.

It all depends on how much you can stand the cold, if you feel the cold a lot it is probably best you turn your heating on when you start to feel the first drop in temperature which is usually late September time. If you do well in the cold you can probably hold off for as long as possible or at least until someone else complains about being able to see their breath in your living room or the icicles hanging from your windows.

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