Wessex Water Contact Phone Number

0843 557 3819

wessex-waterAre you a customer of Wessex Water? If so, occasionally you may have a query where you need to speak to someone who works at the company. To do this call the Wessex Water contact phone number.

Reasons to call the Wessex Water contact number:

  • To report a loss in water supply.
  • To pay an outstanding bill.
  • To switch to a water meter.
  • To change your address or contact information.
  • To get free water saving devices.
  • To make a complaint.
  • To report a leak.
  • To check your connection to local beaches and rivers.
  • Guidance for when you move house.
  • To find out about planned maintenance work in your area.
  • To submit your water meter reading.
  • To find out about water quality on public beaches in your area.

Wessex Water services

Wessex Water is a water supply and sewerage utility company. Throughout the company’s region of operation, Wessex Water provides drinking water to business and domestic customers, as well as dealing with commercial waste water.

Water Supply

Wessex Water’s complex network of water mains in order to ensure that water is on tap 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. At water treatment works, there are advanced assessments available to ensure that water is purified and safe to drink. Wessex Water aims to reduce leakage, manage the demand for water and promote water conservation in order to ensure that it meets future demands for water without restrictions.

Sewage Treatment

Wessex Water’s treatment works treat millions of litres of sewage each day by removing debris through screens, flowing sewage into tanks and is removed as sludge- the sewage is treated biologically- using bacteria to feed off the waste to help clean the water.

Bathing Water

There are a wide range of factors which can affect bathing water quality- such as agricultural and urban ‘run off’. Wessex Water carefully manages waste water discharges from its coastal sewerage network in order to help protect bathing water quality. During 2013, 100 per cent of the 47 designated bathing waters under Wessex Water’s control reached the ‘mandatory’ standard.

Wessex Water background

Wessex Water Services limited is a water supply and sewerage utility company serving mostly the South West of England, covering 10,000 square kilometres including Somerset, Dorset, Bristol, most of Wiltshire and some parts of Gloucestershire and Hampshire. As a result of its large area, Wessex Water supplies 1.3 million people with water each day- with around 285 million litres of water. As with all water companies, Wessex Water is regulated under the Water Industry Act 1991. The company employs around 2000 employees across all divisions.

Wessex Water is owned by the Malaysian power company YTL Corporation. However, it originated as the Wessex Water Authority, one of ten regional water authorities established due to a law in 1973. It was privatised in 1989 acquiring a number of local water authorities including:

  • Bristol Avon River Authority
  • Dorset Water Board
  • West Wilts Water Board
  • Bournemouth and District Water Company
  • West Hampshire Water Company
  • West Lulworth Water Undertaking

In the Ofsted satisfaction survey 2012/13, achieving a score of 4.53 with 5 being ‘very satisfied.’ It’s compliance with drinking water standards exceeded 99.9% and 100% compliance for sewage treatment. The company also owns and manages several reservoirs including Blashford Lakes in Dorset, Clatworthy Reservoir, Hawkridge Reservoir, Otterhead Lakes and Tucking Mill in Somerset, many of which are also used for recreational purposes and as nature reserves. Wessex Water also has a great environmental record, with the last charge a case of the company being fined £6000 at Weymouth Magistrates Court after allowing sewage to pollute the River Stour back in 2009.

If you wish to find out more about Wessex Water and its services, call the Wessex Water contact number.

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