Dwr Cymru Welsh Water Contact Phone Number

0843 658 6896

Welsh Water or Dwr Cymru supplies drinking water to most of Wales and certain parts of Western England. It is responsible for providing waste water services to these areas as well.

Who Can Benefit From Ringing The Dwr Cymru Contact Number?

Customers that can benefit from calling the Welsh water phone are those with enquiries surrounding areas such as:

  • Registering for services from Welsh Water/Dwr Cymru
  • Obtaining an estimated quote for Welsh Waters services
  • Problems with your latest bill
  • Taking your Welsh Water services with you when you move house
  • Issues with your online account

Welsh Water Numbers:

Welsh Water Phone Number
 Head Office 0843 658 6896
Emergency Enquiries 0843 658 6896
Complaints 0843 658 6896

Welsh Water opening hours

Department Opening hours
Customer service 24 hours a day

Welsh Water Head Office

Department Location
Head Office Pentwyn Road
Mid Glamorgan
CF46 6LY

Frequently Asked Questions

The questions that the customer service team face from people calling the Welsh Water Phone Number are typically very similar and focus around the same kind of topics. You can find a short list of them below, as well as some possible solutions:

What Do I Do If I See A Leak In The Road?

If you spot a leak in the street, you should check the Welsh Water emergencies page online, to see if someone else has reported it. If not, you can report it online or ring the Dwr Cymru Phone Number.

What Should I Do If I Have Brown, Orange Or Black Water? welsh water contact number

If you find that you have discoloured water, it usually helps to flush the tap through for a few minutes. By doing this, the discolouration usually clears pretty quickly.

If you have concerns about your water or if it is still discoloured after flushing your tap for around 45 minutes, you should find out if a neighbour is experiencing a similar issue. Then, you can ring the Welsh Water Contact Number and inform them of the situation, including if it is affecting just your water supply or other households in your street.

Can I Get A Discount If I Have A Medical Condition?

If you have a medical condition that requires you to use more water than an average household, you may find that you are eligible for help from the Welsh Water Assist scheme. To take advantage from this scheme, you will need a qualifying benefit as well.

The Welsh Water Assist scheme works by capping your charges from the start of April 2013 until the end of March 2014. For water and sewerage, this can be up to £128 for each of them. This will keep your charges from going higher than £256 for the year.
If you find that you are not eligible for Welsh Water Assist, there are currently no other discounts for those who have a medical condition which means you need to use more water.

If you have any other questions, you should ring Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water Customer Services and an advisor will be happy to help you further.

A Background To Dwr Cymru/Welsh Water

Dwr Cymru was founded in 1989 and has its headquarters based in Nelson, Wales. It is Limited Company and has around 3000 employees.

The company provides drinking water to the majority of Wales and some parts of Western England. It also offers wastewater services within these areas too.

The company emerged from the privatisation of water supply and waste water arms of the Dwr Cymru authority in 1989. The business has constantly grown and developed since and is now owned by Glas Cymru.

Popular questions about Welsh Water

What area does Welsh Water cover?

Welsh Water is responsible for providing safe drinking water and wastewater services to most of Wales and some of England. The area of Wales which is drained by the River Severn is not covered by Welsh Water- instead, this area is looked after by Severn Trent.

How to pay Welsh Water bill?

There are several ways to pay your Welsh Water bill- the most handy way to pay is online. You can pay as a one off with a debit or credit card or set up Direct Debit payments to be taken on a scheduled basis. You can also pay over the phone using the contact number on this page, by using internet banking or visiting your bank in person. You can also visit a Post Office or pay your bill via a cheque in the post.

Welsh Water: How to read meter?

You should read your water meter regularly to monitor your usage. Your water bill will tell you the location of your meter and the serial number. Check that the number on your bill matches the number on your meter. You then need to write down the white on black, or black on white digits- ignoring the red ones. The meter is usually found on the ground at the front of your house. It may also be inside your home, usually under the sink. Welsh Water prefers to read meters every six months, but if your meter is inside your home, they will accept readings from customers- but will need to make their own reading once every two years.

How to complain to Welsh Water?

The easiest way to get your complaint heard quickly is to contact Welsh Water over the phone, using the number on this page. Someone at the call centre will then explain what has happened and what they are doing to fix it. You can also write an email or letter if you prefer to have your complaint recorded in writing. If you’re not happy with how your complaint was handled, you can report it to a director, then a review by an Independent Customer Watchdog if you are still unhappy. Note that the industry regulator OFWAT does not usually deal with individual complaints and would usually only deal with complaints of public concern, such as Welsh Water breaking their licence conditions or undergoing anti competitive behaviour.

For more information about Welsh Water’s tariffs, wastewater services or to make a complaint, call the Welsh Water contact number on this page.

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