Voucher and Cashback Deals for Energy Suppliers

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Gas and electricity can be costly. Whether you’re switching suppliers, tariffs or meters, there’s usually a cost. However, some suppliers are offering cashback deals to customers, you just have to search for them. Here at Utility Talk, we’ve done the hard work for you.


SimplySwitch Cashback

This is a unique service which gives you the option to compare suppliers and switch over the phone at no extra cost. The company will provide you with free, impartial advice. Bonus tip: You can use this service for TV and broadband too!

Offers (August 2015)

Dual Fuel: £36.75 (online switches only)

Single fuel: £18.37 (online switches only)

SSE Cashback

SSE has a number of cashback offers, mostly relating to broadband and phone services. However, for utilities:

Offers (August 2015)

Shield Homecare Cover: This tariff gives you no call out fees for repairing your boiler or central heating system.  £42 cashback when you opt for this service.

Gas Installs: Installation service covering everything from boiler installation to full central heating systems. Cashback of £16.80 available.

uSwitch Cashback

uSwitch allows you to find the best prices of suppliers and switch quickly. You can also use it for insurance, other financial products and broadband. Current utility cashback deals include:

  • Dual Fuel Switch: £22.05.
  • Single Fuel Switch: £10.50.

UK Power- Energy Comparison

UK Power is one of the original price comparison sites for energy. Their current offers as of August 2015 include:

  • Dual Household: £36.75
  • Single Household: £18.37.


Compare tariffs impartially, and switch over the phone for free.

Current offers (August 2015) 

  • Dual energy switch: £31.50
  • Single energy switch: £15.75

Confused.com Energy Switch

Confused.com searches the whole energy market, returning impartial results.

August 2015 offers:

  • New customer dual fuel switch: £25.20.
  • New customer single fuel switch: £12.60.

Gocompare.com Energy Cashback

Go Compare is one of the leading comparison sites.

Current offers as of August 2015: 

  • Dual fuel switch: £24.15
  • Single fuel switch: £13.65

British Gas Landlords Homecare Cashback

British Gas offers a range of cashback packages for landlords, including:

  • Landlord Pro- £68.25
  • Homecare 300- £52.50
  • Landlord Essential Plus- £31.50
  • Landlord Essentials- £21
  • Homecare 100- £21

For more information on each of these tariffs, contact British Gas.

Home Energy Services Cashback

Join Home Energy Services to let them look after your heating and boiler, 365 days a year.

Cashback offers (August 2015)

  • Central heating care 50: £28.87.
  • Central heating care: £42.00
  • Central heating care + water: £63
  • Central heating care + electric: £63
  • Central heating care, water and electric: £84

Make it Cheaper- Residential Energy Comparison

This service makes energy cheaper for medium sized businesses, by comparing tariffs. Current cashback offers (August 2015):

  • Single Fuel: £16.38.
  • Dual Fuel: £32.76.

nPower Boiler/Central Heating Care Plan ( exclusively through Quidco)

Subscribe to a boiler and central heating care plan with nPower and earn up to £65 cashback with Quidco.

Things you should know:

  • You must shop through the cashback website to earn cashback.
  • Cashback can take several months to process.
  • Cashback is not available in the likes of Clubcard points, Love2Shop vouchers or through Paypal.
  • Cashback rates are subject to change.
  • Cashback is sometimes only available to new customers and not existing customers renewing plans.

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