Utilita Energy Phone Number


0845 450 4357

If Utilita is your gas and electricity supplier, you may occasionally need to contact them for a variety of reasons. If you’re looking for the Utilita phone number, the one listed above is exactly what you need.


Why would I need to call Utilita Energy?

You may need to phone Utilita for any number of reasons, including but not limited to:

  • loss of power or gas supply
  • prepayment card failing to top up
  • needing to amend details of your account
  • inquiring about smart meter installation
  • inquiring about tariffs

Utilita other contact numbers

Department Contact Number
Utilita 0845 450 4357

Utilita Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Customer Service 8am-10pm, weekdays

Utilita Head Office Location

Department Location
Head Office Hutwood Court, Bournemouth Rd, Chandler’s Ford, Eastleigh SO53 3QB

Services provided by Utilita

Utilita specialise in “pre-paid” utilities tariffs, which function the exact same way as a pay-as-you-go mobile phone tariff. Every customer “tops up” their smart meter, and can use only the energy or gas they paid for in advance, meaning they can’t be saddled with an unexpected bill, a nasty surprise notice or an over-use charge. Every customer pays for only what they use, and uses only what they paid for!

This pay-as-you-go approach is becoming increasingly common with utility companies, and relies on smart meters – conventional utilities meters with cutting-edge technology that lets them function with the new tariff.

These smart meters include an in-home usage display that provides huge amounts of usage information to the user, letting you control your utilities usage perfectly. The meters provide £10 Emergency Credit in the event that you can’t top up for whatever reason, keeping your lights on through the night and keeping the house warm for the evening when you need it most. This is the highest emergency credit availability currently on the market. They also provide Friendly Credit, available between 4pm and 10am every evening and on weekends and bank holidays, keeping you on supply when the shops may be closed and the lines may be down. There is no charge to use this feature! utilita contact number

You can choose between using an automated top-up line over the phone, using the internet or going to a PayPoint shop with your card to top-up your meter, and there’s no need ot actually put the card in the meter afterwards – it’s all done instantaneously when the top-up credit is sent to your smart meter. In the event that this doesn’t work, you can still top up manually by typing the Top-Up Code from your receipt into your in-home display or meter directly.

The installation of a smart meter is free of charge and takes only 1 hour or so to complete!

If you have any other questions about the Utilita services and tariffs call Utilita and a member of staff will guide you through their products, services and offers.

How to get your Utilita gas back on

The Utilita system is set up to make it difficult to run out of credit for your gas and electricity – PayPoints are arrayed across the country so no customer is ever far from one, and a “low credit alarm” will trigger if you begin to drop into the red. If you turn the alarm off and don’t top up your credit, you will eventually run out – and if you’ve already switched off the “low credit” alarm, you’ll automatically receive £10 of emergency credit to keep the lights and heating on, and if your emergency credit runs out after 4pm, you’ll be able to keep using gas and electricity through the night, until 10am the following day! This extra emergency supply is designed to see you through the times when topping up is hardest and the need for power and gas is greatest, and is called “Friendly Credit”. Note, however, that when you top up again, you will need to pay off this credit – without interest, just the credit used.

If your gas goes off completely, however, you will need to top up your meter to get it going again. The cost of the credit is deducted from your next top-up, and the meters must have at least £1 credit on them to start up again, so you’ll need to top up the cost of the credit plus at least £1 to start the meter again with a positive balance. Of course, we recommend topping up more than £1, so as not to run out of credit again!

How to get your Utilita electricity back on

Just like with the gas supply, Utilita’s electricity supply is designed to last through the times when topping up is difficult or impossible, so you won’t be left without power when you need it most. Warning alarms signal when you are running low, and if you run dry after switching them off you’ll get another alert noting that your Emergency Credit is kicking in – a further £10 of full credit to see you through to when you next get the chance to top up. Like the gas credit, the electricity credit also carries through to 10am the next day if you run out of it after 4pm, keeping the lights on when you most need them and letting you make use of your appliances and electricity throughout the night.

To turn your electricity back on after you’ve run out of credit, emergency credit and friendly credit, you just need to go to a paypoint as you normally would and add credit to your account – these paypoints are everywhere, and your nearest one could be a corner shop, a post office, or a supermarket. Alternatively, you can top-up online – you don’t even need to find your nearest paypoint! Since emergency credit and friendly credit is paid back on the first top-up, make sure to add enough to your account to cover the cost, plus whatever extra you need to actually top-up your account after the credit has been paid off. Emergency credit and friendly credit are both 0-interest, so you won’t need to worry about increasing costs or being ripped off – just enough energy to see you through the night when you need it most.

How to top up with Utilita

Topping up with Utilita is as easy as going to your local PayPoint and asking the staff there to top-up your Utilita card for you. PayPoints are conveniently placed all across the country, so you can guarantee that there is one near you, be it a corner shop, post office or supermarket. Alternatively, you can top-up easily online and not even need to go to your nearest paypoint!

Simply go to the Utilita website and click the option marked “top up”. From there, you just need to select the top-up card that matches yours, and choose the supply and the amount you wish to top up and enter your payment details. The new credit will be instantaneously added to your balance as it appears on your meter, and you will be able to continue using your electricity or gas.

How to switch to Utilita utilita contact number

Switching to Utilita is easy – you just need to call the Utilita contact number, 0845 450 4357, and register your interest in switching. Ask the Utilita team about the switchover, and they’ll be happy to answer any questions you have. Following that, they will arrange a time and date that suits you to have an engineer come out and install your new meter, and give you a switchover date to Utilita from your old utility provider – usually these will be the same day.

Utilita is currently offering free installation of their pay-as-you-go smart meters, which means that you’ll be able to switch over to managing your own energy consumption and paying only for what you use – with no cost! The Utilita customer service team will be happy to discuss the possibility of free meter installation with you and can answer any other questions or resolve any issues you may have. If you need to rearrange an installation or discover a problem with your new meter, simply call Utilita and they will be happy to accommodate you.

Popular Questions About Utilita

How to read Utilita smart meter?

Your Utilita smart meter will come with a Secure handset which you can use to read your meter. From the main menu, press ‘history’- if you have a dual fuel meter, press the ‘electricity’ button to switch between gas and electricity. Press the top right hand button which says ‘hour’ until it says ‘month’. You should then be able to see your reading, which you can submit to Utilita over the phone or via email.

Utilita: How to activate emergency credit?

When your credit is running low, your device will inform you and ask you if you want to have more time to top up, so you can activate emergency credit. You’ll have access to £10 emergency credit once your balance reaches £0. If you top up during emergency credit usage, don’t forget you’ll need to repay the credit you’ve used.

Utilita: How to top up?

Utilita is revolutionary as you don’t need to visit the shop to top up your meter. Instead, you can top up online, by SMS, over the phone or by downloading the app. You can also still use the PayPoints in shops if you prefer.

Who supplies Utilita?

Utilita is an independent supplier, providing their own gas and electricity rather than sharing with another energy supplier.

Utilita: How to cancel?

There are several ways to cancel a Utilita contract.

  • During your cooling off period of 14 days, by completing the cancellation form on your welcome pack.
  • Telling Utilita in writing within 20 days, following the date of your intent to change supplier.
  • At any other time, 28 days in writing before you want the contract to end.

About Utilita

Utilita are an exclusively prepayment-based utilities company that have been providing gas and electricity services across England for ten years. Their “Pay-As-You-Go” smart meters have been  a staple of their business right from the start, and have been helping utilities customers save money and energy since day one. They acknowledge the inherent flaws of the pre-payment utilities system, but also that it has a lot of potential to help combat fuel poverty, and so work with it to alleviate fuel and energy shortages for all their customers.

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