United Utilities Ranked as One of the UK’s Top 50 Employers

Despite a very challenging year throughout 2015, United Utilities has been ranked by its employees as one of the best UK companies to work for.

In August 2015, over three hundred thousand homes and businesses were affected when United Utilites’ water supplies were found to be infected with cryptosporidium, a dangerous intestinal parasite carried by contaminated water. The next thirty days saw hundreds of thousands of people bioling drinking water before consumption to kill the parasites, and ultimately resulted in the Warrington-based utilities firm paying £25 million in compensation.

An investigation into the source of the contamination has not succeeded, even six months later.

Despite the trials of 2015, United Utilites still managed to rank 24th out of 1,600 UK businesses, as voted by their employees. The company is succeeded only by the likes of Jaguar Land Rover, the perpetual winner of the polls, as well as pharmaceuticals giant AstraZeneca and luxury retailer Harrods.

A company spokesman, repsonding to the fantastic opinion of the company’s employees, said “We’re delighted our employees have spoken favourably about working for United Utilities. As a business we understand how vital our employees are for our success. We make sure they are well trained and work in an environment which is both challenging and fun so they can deliver a great service.”

To get in touch with United Utilities call them on this number or get onto their website!

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