United Utilities Urge Residents To Join The Pump Hunt

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Homeowners are being urged to join United Utilities on a pump hunt. The utility provider wants homeowners to help them find thousands of missing private pumping stations which are used for transporting waste water from homes to the local sewage treatment works.United Utilities

Manhole covers, metal cabinets or cupboards containing electrical equipment are usually considered to be clues that the property may have a pumping station that has been long forgotten about. 116 pumps have been found so far in Cumbria alone.

The reason for the pump search is because a recent change in legislation means that United Utilities have become responsible for these stations in effect from October 2016. The company claims that this may lead to lower electricity bills.

A spokesperson for United Utilities said:

“It’s incredible how many of us have unexplained objects around our homes and gardens. Hopefully we can get to the bottom of some of Cumbria’s household mysteries.”

United Utilities says residents should contact them if they think they may have a pumping station at their property.

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