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0843 178 5007

Contact UK Power Networks on 0843 178 5007 to reach the distribution network operator. UK Power Networks manages 3 electricity distribution networks in South East England, London, and East England. These are South Eastern Power Networks PLC, London Power Networks PLC, and Eastern Power Networks PLC. They serve around 8 million customers across these areas. UK Power Networks was created in 2010 following the sale of EDF Energy Networks.

UK Power Networks Contact Numbers

DepartmentPhone NumberOpening Times
UK Power Networks
Customer Services
0843 178 5007(Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
UK Power Networks
Install New Connection
0843 178 5008 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
UK Power Networks
Change Existing Supply
0843 178 5009 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
UK Power Networks
Power Line Safety
0843 178 5010 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
UK Power Networks
Power Cuts
0843 178 5011 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
UK Power Networks
0843 178 5012 (Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed

UK Power Networks Customer Services

Contact UK Power Networks by calling the customer services department on 0843 178 5007. You can call to check if they serve your area, or find out who supplies the electricity at your address. If you need to know where any underground electricity cables are, then you could request the plans for this. If you run a business, you can enquire about UK Power Networks Services for energy operations and maintenance. Or call to report problems with equipment.

UK Power Networks Install New Connection

To discuss installing a new connection or a temporary electrical connection, call up 0843 178 5008. UK Power Networks can assist with installing a new supply or a new point of connection in an area that they maintain. This includes electric vehicle charging points and public street furniture (such as traffic lights, bus shelters, and signs). You can enquire about competitive quotations from independent suppliers or distributed resources for your energy generation.

UK Power Networks Change Existing Supply

If you already have an existing electricity supply, you can contact 0843 178 5009 to discuss making changes to it. You may want to move or divert your supply or disconnect it. Or you might need to upgrade or reduce your power or replace fuses or meters. You could also call them if you have issues regarding the earthing safety feature that should be in your supply. Enquire about moving or disconnecting cables, meters, or fuse boxes for safe property works.

UK Power Networks Power Line Safety

For electricity safety advice and resources, call 0843 178 5010. UK Power Networks can advise and assist with safe access to or around power lines or electrical substations. You can contact them about leaning poles or overgrown bushes and trees near power lines. If you want to be able to work safely near power lines, including overhead power lines, you can ask UK Power Networks to temporarily cover them for you if they are near or connected to your property.

UK Power Networks Power Cuts

If you are in an emergency situation relating to a power cut, it is best to call the 24-hour helpline on 105. If you need general advice relating to a power cut, you can call 0843 178 5011 during business hours. You can apply to join the Priority Services Register if you would require extra support in the event of a power cut. This could be due to having young children or elderly people living with you, or relying on medical equipment or refrigerated medication.

UK Power Networks Complaints

To give feedback to UK Power Networks about their services or staff, call 0843 178 5012. You can make a complaint about UK Power Networks or pass on any other comments about your experience. You may be entitled to a compensatory payment if UK Power Networks fails to meet the Guaranteed Standards set by Ofgem. You can complain about anything from faults to quotation accuracy whether it is domestic, commercial, or industrial, or any size business.

Other Ways to Contact UK Power Networks

Besides calling, you can request tree trimming, report issues, or request plans online. You can also contact UK Power Networks online by sending a message on Facebook or Twitter at any time. They will respond as soon as possible. There is also an online complaints form for UK Power Networks. Homeowners can e-mail for help with their electricity supply. There is also the option of posting a letter by writing to them at:

UK Power Networks Customer Care

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