A Guide to Topping Up With SSE

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Many consumers prefer to budget their energy usage with the installation of a prepayment meter. These Pay As You Go meters allow customers to pre-pay for their energy before they use it. SSE is one of the energy suppliers offering Pay As You Go billing. They won’t send you monthly bills, but they will send an annual statement. If you have outstanding debt for past energy bills, they add it to the meter so that you can spread the cost with a more affordable repayment each week. They will provide a key or card for each meter (gas and electricity) so that you can use it to purchase credit and top up your meter. This guide tells you what to do.

How to Top Up With SSE

You need to keep your meter in credit with regular top ups to ensure that your energy supply isn’t cut off. Pay As You Go meters have digital screens displaying how much credit is left on them. Keep an eye on this amount so you know when you need to top it up. SSE will lend you emergency credit in a situation where you run out of credit but aren’t able to top up straight away. However, you will have to pay it back when you do top up. Whenever you are not at home, even for a few days, you must make sure there is enough credit on the meter to last until you come back. You also need to look after your top up card or key. If you damage or lose it, you can call SSE to get a replacement but they might charge you for it. To top up your meter, take your card or key to a Post Office or PayPoint outlet. Pay for the amount of credit that you want to add to your meter. When you get home, insert your key or card into your meter to transfer the credit. Remember to keep top up receipts in case there is a problem.

SSE Smart Meter Top Up

If you have a Pay As You Go electricity or gas meter, then they may be eligible for an upgrade. Installation of smart meters is free and they are much more convenient for topping up. You can ask SSE for smart meters if you don’t already have them. The Smart Energy Tracker will make it easier to monitor energy usage and alert you when credit is getting low. You can top up online without having to go the shops, and SSE will add the credit remotely so you don’t have to do anything with the meter. To top up, simply go online and enter your details. You can select how much you want to pay by credit or debit card. Provide your e-mail address and they will send you a receipt. If you still want to go to the Post Office or PayPoint shop, then you can buy a top up there using your smart Pay As You Go card. Top ups can take up to 40 minutes to transfer to your smart meter automatically. Otherwise, you can manually enter a top-up code into the tracker or meter. This is a 20-digit number you can find on your receipt.

SSE Emergency Credit Top Up

If you unexpectedly run out of credit, try not to panic. When your credit goes below 50p for electricity meters or £2 for gas meters, you can activate the emergency credit. You have to do this manually because the meter will not trigger it automatically for you. Go to screen “R” on the electricity meter or screen “22” on the gas meter. This will tell you how much emergency credit is available. For electricity meters, insert or take out and re-insert your key to activate emergency credit. For gas meters, insert your card then press the red “A” button to activate it. Remember that you will need to pay the emergency credit back. You will not be able to use it again unless you have done so. For customers with smart meters, SSE offers a “friendly credit period” to keep your energy supply on. This applies if your meter runs out overnight between 6pm and 9am, or over the weekend at any time between 6pm on Friday and 9am on Monday.

SSE Top Up Fraud

SSE is aware of a top-up scam where fraudsters call at people’s doors to offer cheaper top-ups. They will use a master key to top up your Pay As You Go meter if you agree to pay them. However, this money does not go to SSE. This means that when SSE finds customers who use these fraudulent keys, they will have to pay for the energy again. Energy suppliers never sell top-ups door-to-door, so ask for ID if somebody claims to be working for SSE. Never put a key in your meter unless SSE actually sent it to you or you booked an appointment with an SSE engineer to look at a faulty meter. You should only ever purchase credit top-ups from official PayPoint outlets or Post Offices. You should contact SSE if you unknowingly paid for a top-up from a fraudster. Contact SSE if you notice suspicious activity and report it to Crimestoppers.

SSE Top Up Isn’t Working

If you experience a problem topping up, the problem could be the meter or the card or key. Check the screen on your meter for error messages. If your electricity meter says “debt” then you have run out of credit. Press the blue display button to go to screen “B” and find out how much you need to top up. If the screen is blank, check whether there is a power cut and then call SSE. On gas meters, press the “A” button if it says “off” on the screen. It will show you the amount you need to pay if you are out of credit. No matter how much you have to pay back, at least 30% of your top up will still be credit for gas. If the gas meter screen is blank, hold down the red “A” button. It will start working if this fixes it. Otherwise, contact SSE to avoid your supply shutting off. If there is no error message on the screen, the issue might be the card or key. Wipe them carefully with a clean and dry cloth before re-inserting them. Contact SSE if it still doesn’t work. Make a note of your meter’s serial number near the barcode as SSE might need this information. If your supply stops due to a meter fault, SSE will send out their engineers within 3-4 hours or the next day, depending on when you contact them. They will have to pay you £30 under their Guaranteed Standards if they take longer than this. If they find that you are responsible for the fault, however, they will charge you for the engineer visit. This debt will go onto your meter so you can pay the charge back to SSE over time.

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