Thames Water Telephone Contact Number

The contact number for Thames Water is available directly from their website at no or lower cost

0800 316 9800

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Contact Thames Water by calling this number if you need information or support. Thames Water is a utility company responsible for supplying water and treating wastewater in Greater London, Luton, the Thames Valley, and several other areas in the south of England. It is also responsible for several large infrastructure projects for water management. Thames Water has around 15 million customers and supplies 2.6 billion litres of drinking water every day.

Thames Water Contact Numbers

Opening Times
Thames Water
Customer Services
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Saturday) 8am – 6pm
Thames Water
Online Account
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Saturday) 8am – 6pm
Thames Water
Bills & Payments
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Saturday) 8am – 6pm
Thames Water
Priority Services
(Mon – Fri) 9am – 5pm
(Saturday) Closed
Thames Water
Moving Home
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Saturday) 8am – 6pm
Thames Water
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 8pm
(Saturday) 8am – 6pm

Thames Water Customer Services

Contact Thames Water customer services by ringing up if you need to speak to a person at Thames Water. You can contact them to report a leak or for updates on repairs and planned works in your area. Or call for information on their tariffs and consumer guidelines. You can call for advice on who to contact in water supply emergencies. Call for guidance on water pressure or what to do in hot or cold weather. Get information on sewers and drains.

Thames Water Online Account

Thames Water makes it easy for customers to keep track of things with an online account. Just by logging into the website, you can immediately access your account information. This includes viewing bills and payments and amending details. However, if you have any trouble creating an account or logging in, call for technical support. Call for help with submitting meter readings or adding multiple accounts to one profile for easy management.

Thames Water Bills & Payments

If you need help breaking down your bill, call to discuss how much you are paying and for what. You can find the most convenient payment option for you and set up a payment plan if this helps. If you still struggle to make payments for your water bill, you may be able to get further support through a dedicated scheme. You might also be able to save money with a water meter if you don’t have one. Call if you want to apply for a water meter.

Thames Water Priority Services

Customers with special requirements for assistance with their accounts, bills, and service can call to join the Priority Services register. If you already signed up for priority service, you can call to discuss this. They offer these free services to cater for sight, hearing, and mobility problems if they affect your access. Call if you or someone in your home has to use a dialysis machine. They can also help to protect you from bogus callers at your house.

Thames Water Moving Home

Whether you are a new customer needing to set up an account, a current customer switching addresses within the region, or moving out of the area and closing your account, you can call Thames Water for assistance. You will need to provide your new address, the moving date, the property’s meter reading (if it has a meter), and your account number (if you’re already a customer). You can call for help with accounts if you are a landlord or tenant.

Thames Water Complaints

Thames Water has plenty of codes of practice, guarantees, and quality promises. You can find their customer service commitments online, and make a complaint if they fail to meet any of these standards. Call whenever you experience a continuous problem which Thames Water needs to properly resolve. Report issues and they will try to fix them for you as soon as possible. They can tell you how to escalate complaints if you can’t resolve a dispute.

Other Ways to Contact Thames Water

Thames Water offers online support around the clock on social media. You can get in touch with an adviser through Facebook or Twitter if you have an account. They provide a general enquiry form on their website, or you can e-mail if you have a complaint about Thames Water. Alternatively, you can write a letter to Thames Water, PO Box 436, Swindon, SN38 1TU, or write directly to the head office at this address:

Thames Water
Clearwater Court
Vastern Road

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