Survey Shows How Much Dorset Loves It’s Beaches

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A citizen survey has taken place in Dorset and has revealed some intriguing results about the use of beaches in the area. The survey was taken by just over 3000 Dorset residents and it found that beaches are not just important f0r visitors, with 87% of residents visiting their local beach at least once over the Spring/Summer period of better weather. However, the weather did not put people off too much, with 84% visiting during the Autumn and Winter. Anyone surfing during these months would certainly be wise to bring a wetsuit with them. Looking at Ann’s Cottage collection of wetsuits might help you find one that you like and will also keep you warm.

Cleanliness (the amount of litter on the beach) came out at the top of the survey for the most important thing when choosing which beach to visit. Bathing water came out as the fifth most important factor, showing just how important a litter free coast and sea really is. Newport Beach in California is also reported to have a good cleanliness record too. This is despite it attracting a large number of tourists who are ready to revel in whale watching california!

The Dorset coastline has exceptional bathing water quality with 36 beaches in the area recommended by the Marine Conservation Society Good Beach Guide 2014. The survey found that almost half of residents, 47%, don’t think to check the bathing water quality of a beach before they visit. For some respondents, they said that this was because they assumed that if the water quality was bad, the beach would not be open, others said that they did not know how to check it.

You can check bathing water quality in your area by using the Wessex Water Coastwatch service which is found online.

You can help create a litter free coast and sea with high quality water by doing a range of simple things such as pouring cooking fat into a dish and letting it cool before scraping it in the bin, rather than pouring it down the sink or not flushing certain items down the toilet which helps keep sewers clear.

Questions about beaches in the area were inserted into the Dorset Citizens Survey by Litter Free Coast and Sea, a local campaign for the area.

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