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If you are an SSE customer, then there are lots of ways that you can pay for your energy bill. You can choose the most convenient payment method according to your circumstances. Any time that you want to change your payment method, you can contact SSE to discuss it. Read this guide to learn about all of the options available for paying SSE bills if you want to swap.

SSE Pay Bill by Direct Debit

A Direct Debit is a payment automatically taken every month on a set date. You don’t have to wait for your bill and then make a payment every time. It allows you to spread energy costs more evenly over the year, and you can choose a monthly payment date that suits you. Your payment might go up or down when SSE checks it against your usage twice a year. Or you can opt for a variable Direct Debit instead and pay your bill in full every quarter. You can change to a different payment method at any time if you contact SSE and give them a meter reading.

SSE Pay Bill Online

The second easiest way to pay your SSE bill is to make payments online by logging into your SSE account. Open the product that you want to pay the bill for and click to make a payment. You will need to provide your debit or credit card details. With this method, you can make a payment towards your balance at any time, for however much you would like. You can pay your bills as you receive them or submit a meter reading and make a payment for the new balance. However, you always have to remember to pay off your bill within 14 calendar days.

SSE Pay Bill Over the Phone

If you do not mind giving your debit or credit card details over the phone, then you can make a payment by phoning SSE. Call 0345 026 2658 and press the star key twice to proceed. It will then ask you to enter your 10-digit customer account number. You can find this on the right side of your bill. Alternatively, if you wait, you can press 2 if you do not have a credit meter. You can then press 3 for other enquiries. This will give you the option to press 1 and make a payment by card, press 2 if you are having difficulty paying, or press 3 for help with a Direct Debit or Standing Order. Pressing 1 will transfer you to the SSE automated payments line.

SSE Pay Bill by Post

You can choose to make a cheque or postal order payable to SSE and write your account number on the back. When you fill in the payment slip from the bottom of your bill, you can send them both together in the post. The address for payments like this is SSE, PO Box 13, Havant, PO9 5JB. You cannot pay by cash this way. You should also allow enough time for SSE to receive and process your payment by the due date, which is 14 days after you get the bill.

SSE Pay Bill via Bank

A faster way of paying your SSE energy bills is to use your bank’s online internet banking or telephone banking services to make a direct payment from your own bank account to SSE. The payment reference should be your 10-digit customer account number, which is on your bill. SSE’s bank account number is 99183129 and their sort code is 57-40-99. You should be careful when paying in this way to avoid accidentally sending money to the wrong account.

SSE Pay Bill by Cash

If online payments have left you behind and you prefer to pay with cash, then you can still do so for your SSE utility bill. Take the giro slip from the bottom of your bill, fill this out, and bring it along with your cash to the bank or a Post Office branch. They can process this payment for you. Some banks might charge for paying over the counter to cover the administrative costs.

SSE Pay Bill by Standing Order

Similar to a Direct Debit, a Standing Order will withdraw a set amount from your account and pay it to SSE on the same day every month. You will need to contact SSE if you would like to set this up, so they can send you a form to fill out and return to them. After you have set up a standing order with SSE, you will need to contact your bank if you want to make any changes.

SSE Pay Bill with Paygo Swipe Card

An SSE bill payment option that people might not be aware of is the Paygo swipe card. It is a flexible option that allows you to pay as much as you want on whichever dates you want – as long as you pay your bill within 14 days. Otherwise, you can get a monthly Paygo swipe card and pay a set amount on a set date each month, a bit like a Direct Debit. You will need to get in touch with SSE and enquire if you are interested in using either of these payment methods.

SSE Pay As You Go Meter

If you would rather pre-pay for your energy to allow yourself to budget better, then you can opt for a Pay As You Go energy meter. You can purchase credit at your local Post Offices or PayPoint outlets and use a key or card to top up your meter. If you are in debt, then SSE will take a set amount from your credit every week to repay it. You may be able to top up online.

SSE Get Help Paying Bills

Whenever you find yourself struggling to pay your energy bills, you should contact SSE as soon as possible. You might be eligible for a discount that could help you if you are elderly, have a disability, or are on a low income. They can offer advice on how to save energy and reduce your bills, compare tariffs that you could switch to, or set up a payment plan to make it more manageable for you to pay. You might be able to get a discount of £40 per fuel per year if you switch to paying by Direct Debit or Standing Order. This is for fixed tariffs only.

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