South West Water Contact Phone Number

0843 557 3620

Reasons For Calling South West Water

An outside water meter belonging to South West Water

Call the South West phone number for all things regarding:

• Paying your water bill
• Reporting a leak or problem with your water supply
• Giving a meter reading
• Moving home
• Requesting a new water connection
• Updates on local maintenance or pipe renovation work in your area.

Common Questions of South West Water Customers

How do I read my meter and submit a reading?

• Your meter is usually located inside your home or close to the boundary of your home, inside a small square or rectangular chamber. Common places to look include under the kitchen sink, near your internal stop tap, in your front garden or in the footpath just outside your front door.
• If your meter is external (outside), you should check first that it is safe to take a reading yourself.
• Your meter will have a serial number which correlates with the one you’ll see on your water bill. Check that the numbers match up so you know you’ll have located the right meter.
• To read the meter, lift the outer lid using a screwdriver and, if there is one, remove the polystyrene frost cover to see the meter face. You should then be able to read the black numbers on the white dials which measure the cubic metres of water you have used.
• You can submit your meter reading by registering an online customer account on the South West Water website, or by completing the online meter reading form within 30 days of your estimated bill date. You can also give one over the phone by calling the South West Water phone number.

How do I know if I have a leak?

• Signs that you may have a leak include damp patches appearing on walls within your home; low water pressure or noise coming from your internal pipes. You may also receive a bill showing much higher consumption that what is normal for your home.
• To check whether you have a leak, try turning off all appliances in your home that use water for a couple of hours and check your meter reading. If the dials have moved then this most likely means there is a leak.
• To determine whether the leak is underground or within your home, turn off your internal stopcock altogether and check the meter again after another hour or so. If the dials have moved again, the leak is most probably underground.
• An approved contractor can help you affirm whether you have a leak and set about repairing the problem. South West Water supports a number of approved contractor schemes which you can find by visiting the Water Industry Approved Plumber Scheme online. Alternatively, you can call the South West Water contact number where a member of staff will be happy to guide you.

When will I get a bill and how is it calculated?

• South West Water will aim to read your meter every 6 months and the frequency of your bills will depend on your payment plan. Customers who set up a monthly payment plan via direct debit or standing order will receive two actual bills per year. Otherwise, you will receive four bills per year, two of which will be estimated.
• Because of unforeseen circumstances such as weather conditions and workload of the meter-readers, the time of your meter reading between periods can differ by up to 6 weeks. To ensure you receive accurate bills, you can read your meter yourself every month and submit accurate readings to South West Water.
• Charges on your bill will vary depending on the amount of water you use and the rateable value of your home. Fixed charges include things like reading, repairing and replacing meters, as well as surface water drainage.

Background of South West Water

South West Water was founded in 1989 following the privatisation of the water industry and is part of the Pennon Group. It provides drinking and waste water services to customers based in Cornwall, Devon, and in small areas of Dorset and Somerset.

In 1973 it took over several other public utilities such as the Devon River Authority, all four Cornwall Water Boards and the Plymouth County Borough Corporation.

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