Smart Meters From British Gas

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British Gas are one of the main players in the Smart Meters market. We have the answers to some commonly asked questions about them

What Is A Smart Meter?

Gas MeterSmart Meters are another version of the meters you already have installed in your home, but the difference lies in how they work. They are programmed to automatically send your meter readings and display the cost of the energy you have used instantly. Smart Meters are another addition to the ever expanding world of smart devices for the home, another example of which is crestron lighting in london.

Smart Meters are part of the government’s plan to help reduce carbon emissions as they make it easier for homes up and down the country to save on their energy

Are There Benefits Of Using Smart Meters?

Pound Coins 8The main benefit of using a smart meter is that it allows you to save money as you are more aware of the costs of your current gas and electricity habits. By allowing you to see how much you spend on your gas and electricity, you can alter and change your habits in order to save money (such as turning the heating down and wearing more layers, for example).

Another benefit of a smart meter is that you don’t have to take your meter reading and send it to British Gas; they can automatically get the readings from your smart meter.

You will also benefit from getting accurate bills every time, rather than estimated ones that may or may not be correct. As well as being able to understand your useage better, there are not many reasons to not go for a smart meter.

How Do I Get A Smart Meter?

By the time we reach 2020, everyone will have been or will be offered a smart meter in their home. However, British Gas customers number over 10 million, so they have started the process now.

They have a quick questionnaire for you to complete that determines if you are eligible for a smart meter or not. If you find you aren’t you can join on the waiting list and they will get in touch with you once you are able to have one.

The only requirement is that you use British Gas for both your gas and electricity supply. If you don’t, you can easily switch, if you want to.

What Happens When I Have A Smart Meter Installed?

On the day you decide to have your smart meter include there are 5 steps:

  1. You will get a call from your Smart Energy Expert to inform you that they are on their way
  2. Your appointment will take around 2 and half hours, so please make sure you have enough time
  3. You power will need to be turned off, but this won’t be for long. Make sure this doesn’t affect anyone else in the house at the time (yes the internet will come back on, nothing life changing happened on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter for those few minutes)
  4. When your smart meter is installed, you will be given a full demonstration on how to use it and what it does
  5. Start saving!

What Is A Smart Energy Monitor?

Smart MeterA smart energy monitor is what accompanies your smart meter. It lets you see how much you have spent on gas and electricity.

The British Gas smart energy monitor uses traffic lights to show how much energy you are using and a flame informs you about your gas usage so you can get instant, accurate and up to date readings. It can be placed anywhere in your home, it doesn’t have to be hidden away under the stairs.

How Do Smart Meters Work?

Smart meters work by taking an accurate meter reading of your energy usage. These can be taken every 30 minutes, every day or every month, it is up to you. These readings are then sent over to British Gas through the use of wireless technology, similar to that which is used in a mobile phone.

You will then be sent a accurate energy bill, without the need to submit a meter reading. You are also able to view how much you have used on your smart energy monitor or use the online interactive British Gas tool.

Are There Separate Smart Meters For Gas And Electricity?

Yes, but you will only need one smart energy monitor, as this can display readings of both.

Open PurseHow Much Do Smart Meters Cost?

There is no charge for smart meters from British Gas as they are being installed as part of a free, nationwide upgrade for all their customers.

Do I Have To Change My Tariff For A Smart Meter?

No, you can keep your current tariff and use the smart meters still. However, there could be some smart meter specific tariffs introduced in the future, so it is worth keeping an eye out for them.

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