Severn Trent Contact Number

0844 453 0159

If you need to contact Severn Trent for any reason, you can call our Severn Trent contact number to be directly connected to their customer service team. The phone lines are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week for supply issues, and at more limited times for billing queries, listed below. Call the Severn Trent contact number if you would like to:

  • Pay a water bill
  • Report a leak or loss of pressure
  • Report the loss of your water supply
  • Query a bill
  • Make a complaint

Severn Trent Water

Severn Trent Contact Numbers

Department Contact Number
Supply Issues 0844 453 0159 (Open 24/7)
Billing Enquiries 0844 453 0159 (Open at specific times)

Severn Trent is a UK water company operating primarily in the English Midlands and Wales, across the Severn and Trent basins. The company was formerly headquartered in Birmingham, but moved to a custom-built office building in Coventry in 2010. While it began in England, Severn Trent now has company divisions all over the world, from the UK and Europe to North America and the Middle East.

What Can Severn Trent Do For Me?

Severn Trent in the UK covers almost 3.5 million homes and businesses and supplies them with a constant supply of clean fresh water, removing sewage and processing it safely, and providing both drinking and non-drinking water to homes, commercial enterprises and industry throughout Birmingham, Conventry, Shropshire, Derbyshire and most of Wales, among other areas. At time of writing, Severn Trent has over 8000 employees in the UK, and has dedicated customer care centres throughout the country.

As a water utility company, Severn Trent can provide you with a water meter and access to their water supply – with the new water meter ensuring you only ever pay for the water you’ve used, and allowing you to track your consumption. Unsurprisingly, once people can see how much water they are using on a daily basis and what it costs them, the usually cut back, helping both the environment and their wallets!

On top of that, Severn Trent actually provide you with a range of gadgets and tips for saving water, from time-saving smart meters that communicate with your smartphone to leaflets on water-saving tips that can help you cut back and save money.

Severn Trent water meters are usually free to fit, and you will be able to arrange a fitting at a time and date of your convenience once you’ve called up. The meter will be fitted outside your home if at all possible, so the technicians who read it can get accurate readings without intruding – however, if it isn’t possible to put it outside, it will be fitted inside the house instead in a convenient and discreet location.

Severn Trent Supply Issues Contact Number Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Supply Issues Open 24/7

Due to the importance of a fast and effective response to water supply problems, the Severn Trent contact number that deals with water supply outages, leaks and failures of supply is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The teams manning the supply issues phone line will be able to work rapidly with ground teams to restore your water supply and repair any problems in the line, so you can continue to enjoy a reliable, steady water supply.

Severn Trent Billing Enquiries Contact Number Opening Hours

Day Opening Hours
Monday 8:00am – 8:00pm
Tuesday 8:00am – 8:00pm
Wednesday 8:00am – 8:00pm
Thursday 8:00am – 8:00pm
Friday 8:00am – 8:00pm
Saturday 8.00am – 1.00pm
Sunday Closed

Billing enquiries such as paying off a water bill, querying a bill or arranging an alternative payment option are all important, but Severn Trent must prioritise resolving water supply issues, leaks and supply emergencies as these are critical and much more time-sensitive problems which need a fast and efficient response at any time of day. As a result, while the emergency “supply issues” Severn Trent contact line is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (even on holidays), the Severn Trent billing enquiries contact number is only open at set times during the day, shown in the table above.

This is due to their dedicated call centres, with two call centres in Derby and Shrewsbury which deal exclusively with billing enquiries and accounts, and a third call centre in their headquarters in Coventry which is constantly open and dedicated to dealing with supply problems and leaks.

Despite the more limited opening hours, the billing lines are still open for 12 hours a day on the weekdays and 5 hours on Saturdays – so the billing line is still available for long periods, allowing you to get in contact whenever you need to.

Frequently-Asked Questions

How do I pay my Severn Trent water bill? Severn Trent Water Meter

Paying your Severn Trent water bill isn’t difficult if you know where to look – you can either call the Severn Trent contact number on 0844 453 0159, or go to the official Severn Trent website to set up your payment options. You can pay by Direct Debit, which will be taken every month, via online banking, or at PayPoints near you. Each of the payment methods has different advantages, but direct debit is widely believed to be the safest and most convenient.

With direct debit, you can “set it and forget it”, setting up the billing system and resting easy afterwards as it automatically bills you the appropriate amount each month. As direct debits are essentially automated bank transfers, they are extremely safe and reliable, and require no input from you after setup.

You may wish to use manual bank transfers instead with the Online Payment system, in which case you can pay your individual bills using online banking or telephone banking – but remember that this must be re-done for every bill, and you are more likely to be late or miss a bill than with Direct Debit.

Lastly, you can use local PayPoints to pay your Severn Trent water bill. These PayPoints are in thousands of places across the country, always conveniently located in garages, supermarkets, corner shops and newsagents so you don’t have to travel far to pay your bills. To pay your bills in cash, free of charge at any Paypoint location, you can apply for a Severn Trent Watercard online, and it will be sent to you.

Where is my Severn Trent water meter?

Your Severn Trent water meter will be on the outside of your house, in a convenient but discrete location. This is so the meter readers and technicians can get to it easily to read it, without intruding on your home or needing you to be home to let them in. Try looking around the side of the house or at the back – however, if you can’t find one, it may be because the meter had to be installed inside the house instead. Check in your kitchen, under the sink, in a utility room if you have one, or by the electricity and gas meters.

How to cancel Severn Trent water

To cancel Severn Trent water, call our Severn Trent customer phone number on 0844 453 0159 and ask to be put through to the cancellations department. The staff there will be able to talk you through your cancellation, the closure of your account and the disconnect from Severn Trent services and supply. Make sure you have a new water provider lined up before cancelling, as you don’t want to be left without water in the interim.

How to contact Severn Trent Water

The quickest, easiest and most straightforward way to get in touch with Severn Trent is to call their customer phone number, 0844 453 0159, which is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This number will put you in touch with either the central Coventry office, which deals with supply problems, or the Derby and Shrewsbury offices, which deal with customer satisfaction, billing and accounts information.

If you can’t call the phone line, you can always contact Severn Trent by email at the email address on their official website, or send a letter to the address below.

Where is the Severn Trent head office?

The Severn Trent head office address is:

Customer Relations
PO Box 5310

This is a custom-built office complex in Coventry. You can write to it for any reason, or call them on the Severn Trent customer phone number, 0844 453 0159.

A Brief History of Severn Trent

Severn Trent began in 1974 under the name “The Severn Trent Water Authority”. It was founded and so named because it was one of ten regional water authorities established in England by the Water Act of 1973, to supply fresh water and treat sewage for the roughly 8 million people living in the Midlands and part of Wales. As it was a water company serving two large river basins, it used the two rivers as the basis of its name, combining the River Severn and the River Trent into the new company’s signature. It was privatised as a part of the Thatcher government’s privatise-athon in 1989, and in 1991 it acquired Biffa, a high-tier waste management company which allowed them to expand into waste disposal and refuse management.

After 15 years of association, Biffa demerged from Severn Trent in 2006, establishing itself as a separate entity on the stock exchange. Following this, the following year the U.S division of Severn Trent Laboratories was sold off to US utility giants HIG Capital, prompting the company to reestablish its headquarters in a custom-built complex in Coventry, announcing the move in 2007 and leaving their historic Birmingham offices in 2010.

At time of writing, the company still operates three dedicated call centres for their Severn Trent customer service departments – one in their headquarters in Coventry that is open all hours of the day, every day, and deals exclusively with supply problems, failures of supply to customers and water problems, and two more call centres in Shrewsbury and Derby which deal exclusively with billing enquiries, account issues and payments. To get in touch with either of these departments, use our Severn Trent customer contact number, 0844 453 0159.

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