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Calls cost 7p per minute plus your standard network charge.

Please ensure you have the bill payers permission before contacting a company on our website.

This website provides hard to find phone numbers as a call connection service, and is not associated with the companies listed.

Scottish Water Customer Services

Call them to check service updates on emergencies or essential works in your area which may affect you. You can call them for information on water quality and tips on efficient usage. You can also get advice on protecting your pipes during periods of cold weather. In the event of a burst pipe or a flooding incident, contact them to check who is responsible for this.

Scottish Water Bill Payments

The Combined Services charge for water supply and wastewater collection should show on your Council Tax bill. The charges tend to rise every year, but there is a 1.6% increase cap so the charges don’t inflate too rapidly. You will pay for these unmeasured charges through your Council.

Scottish Water Meters

Water efficiency is important to avoid wasting water. A good way to support efficiency is to install a water meter. They track your usage and base your bills on this instead of estimating them. You can save money this way if you do use water efficiently.

Scottish Water Connections

If you are planning a development, you need to contact the Scottish Water business team. They can consult with you on their public asset plans and surface water policy. You will need their help with technical design and flow and pressure tests.

Scottish Water Septic Tanks

Some households and businesses will have private septic tanks. These will need emptying regularly to avoid build-ups of sludge causing blockages. Scottish Water can de-sludge septic tanks for a fee. You can sign a contract for scheduled services, book a one-off unscheduled service, or request an urgent response.

Scottish Water Complaints

If it requires more investigation or a visit to your property, this may take longer before they can respond. You can ask for the Service Review Team to take another look if you are unhappy with the case.

Other Ways to Contact Scottish Water

You should be able to reach Scottish Water at any time of day or night on the phone. If you can’t call, then you can always contact Scottish Water online. Support is available on social media through Twitter or Facebook. If you don’t have accounts for these, you can contact Scottish Water directly by e-mail at Alternatively, you can report problems by submitting an online contact form. You can also post letters to the head office:

Scottish Water
Castle House
6 Castle Drive
Carnegie Campus
KY11 8GG

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