Scottish Power

0843 218 4725

You can contact the Scottish Power contact number by dialling 0843 218 4725. Scottish Power is one of the largest energy companies in the United Kingdom, covering Scotland and surrounding areas.

Scottish Power Contact Numbers:

Scottish Power Number Opening Times
Customer Service 0843 218 4725 Mon-Fri 8am-10pm
Sat 8.30am-6pm
Emergency 0843 218 9638 Mon-Fri 8am-10pm
Sat 8.30am-6pm
Smart Meter 0843 557 3861 Mon-Fri 8am-10pm
Sat 8.30am-6pm
Electricity 0843 596 4179 Mon-Fri 8am-10pm
Sat 8.30am-6pm
Business 0843 596 4180 Mon-Fri 8am-10pm
Sat 8.30am-6pm
Complaints 0843 596 4181 Mon-Fri 8am-10pm
Sat 8.30am-6pm

Scottish Power Customer Service

To get in touch with the Scottish Power customer service contact number on 0843 218 4725. You can call the customer service team regarding any inquiries you have about the company or services as well as if you’re experiencing problems logging into your account, you would like to pay a bill online, you can’t find your bill online, you believe your bill is wrong or you’re having some other issues or you have other questions.

Scottish Power Emergency Number

You can call the Scottish Power emergency number on 0843 218 9638. You can call the emergency number if you’re having an emergency with your electricity for example if your power has gone out but the house in the surrounding area still have power, all of your surrounding area does not have power or another electricity emergency. If your power as gone out make sure you have checked that all of your fuses are okay before calling the number.

Scottish Power Smart Meter

You can call Scottish Power regarding their Smart Meters by dialling 0843 557 3861. You can call Scottish Power about their smart meters to find out if you can get a smart meter fitted with your tariff, to change to a tariff that allows you to get a smart meter fitted, to organise a smart meter to be fixed or fitted or to find out how to submit your smart meter reading.

Scottish Power Electricity

To find out about the electricitytariffs offered by Scottish Power you can call 0843 596 4179. You can also call to find out how they source their electricity, what tariff would be a good choice for your home and usage, how you can lower your electricity costs, find out how to change your tariff or to inquire about the Scottish Power electricity.

Scottish Power Business

To find out more about the Scottish Power business services you can dial 0843 596 4180. Scottish Power offers special deals and services for their business customers, if you’re interested in becoming a business customer you can call the number to find out how the business services could help your business or to sign up for the business services.

Scottish Power Complaints

If you need to make a complaint about Scottish Power or an experience you have had with them you can call 0843 596 4181. You can file a complaint regarding any aspect of the company whether you have had a negative experience with a member of Scottish Power staff or you’re unhappy about the services you’re receiving from them, just call the number to file a formal complaint.

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