Scottish Power Contact Phone Number

0843 218 4725

A general view shows the main entrance to the Scottish Power owned Black Law wind farm in LanarkshireScottish Power is one of the Big Six energy companies in the United Kingdom. You can call their customer service team for a variety of reasons.

Why Might I Call The Scottish Power Contact Number?

  • I want to join Scottish Power – can I get a quote?
  • I want to leave Scottish Power and go to another provider
  • I am in credit or debt on my energy payments
  • I want to move home and retain my Scottish Power services
  • I can not log in to my account online
  • I wish to make a complaint about Scottish Power

Scottish Power Head Office Address

Scottish Power Head Office:
Scottish Power, Cathcart Business Park, Spean Street, Glasgow, G44 4BE

Alternative Scottish Power Contact Numbers

Scottish Power Department Number
Scottish Power Billing and Payments 0843 218 4725
Scottish Power Complaints 0843 218 4725

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of the people who call the Scottish Power telephone number enquire about the same handful of things. Here are some of the questions that customers frequently ask when they call.

I want to move home and retain my services – is this possible?

It is possible. You will need to update your account with Scottish Power, which you can do online or by calling the company’s customer service number. Scottish Power will require some information about the move including the date you are leaving, your previous address and the location of your new home. You will also need to read the meter on the day of your move and let Scottish Power know what it says. You will receive your bill within one week of the move.

I’m moving to another supplier and have credit or debt – what do I do?

If you still owe money to Scottish Power, you should continue to pay for your gas and electricity until the switch is complete. Do not cancel your direct debit if you have one or else it could lead to financial trouble and slow down the process. If Scottish Power owe you money because you are in debt, they should provide you will a refund. You will need to call the Scottish Power phone number to finalise this.

Why has my bill increased from last time?

Your direct debit depends on how much energy you use in your home. Therefore, it is not set at a fixed price. It is calculated based on a number of factors including current unit price, predicted energy use over 12 months and your current account balance. It may increase if more energy is used — particularly in the winter months when your home requires more warmth.

More About Scottish Power

Scottish Power was formed in 1990 just prior to the privatisation of the Scottish electricity industry that was formerly state owned. It has since been providing gas and electricity services to over 2.5 million customers in the United Kingdom from its headquarters in Glasgow, Scotland.

There are three different electricity packages and three different gas products that customers can choose from. Scottish Power will determine the price of these packages based on how much energy you use. It will look at how much you have used in the last year, the existing balance on your account and any discounts you might be entitled to. Scottish Power customer services can provide you with a quote if you are interested in its services.

However, Scottish Power is also one of the most controversial of the Big Six energy companies in the United Kingdom. The energy regulator Ofgem has recently penalised them for overcharging customers who refused to pay by direct debit. There have also been investigations from legal and political bodies into its repayments. These organisation claim that 625,000 customers were owed close to £80 million and Scottish Power deliberately evaded paying their credit.

Scottish Power has a revenue of around £5,500 million and employs close to 10,000 people across the United Kingdom.

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