Scottish Gas Fail To Pay Back Pensioner £3500 For 12 Months

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scottishgasA pensioner from Glasgow, Scotland is furious with Scottish Gas after the energy supplier failed to pay him back over £3500 he was owed for over one year.

Ronnie Blackshaw, who currently lives in Rutherglen near Glasgow, said Scottish Power originally told him he was only due an £877 refund. However, when his meter was checked he realised the company, in fact, owed him £3579.

The 80 year old said:

I was stunned that I had overpaid that much and that they’d held on to it for so long.

Ronnie Blackshaw was eventually given his money back after complaining to Scottish Gas, the Scottish arm of the Big Six energy supplier British Gas. The company also agreed to send him a goodwill payment of £200 alongside a hamper. However, Mr. Blackshaw does not forgive the company for its actions.

He said:

I also got a goodwill payment of £200 and a hamper but it left a bad taste in my mouth.

Scottish Gas made a public apology for their role in holding onto Mr. Blackshaw’s money for such a long period of time. The statement says the company regrets not being able to deal with the issue quicker than it did.

The statement said:

We are sorry that we did not deal with the complaint properly when Mr Blackshaw first contacted us. It is unacceptable that we did not do more to resolve this very stressful situation sooner. We have now issued a new bill and refunded the over payment.

Scottish Gas is Scottish trading name for Centrica, the multinational utility company that also trades under the name British Gas for the rest of the United Kingdom. The company was formed following the demerging of British Gas plc in February of 1997 which broke it up into three companies: Transco, BG and Centrica.

Scottish Gas fell upon hard times a few months ago when increases in price caused hundreds of thousands of customers to ditch the firm and seek out a smaller, cheaper utility supplier. It caused Centrica’s financial chief Nick Luff to promise that Scottish Gas’ prices would not increase again for the remainder of the year.

Scottish Gas’ major competitor in Scotland’s energy supply industry is SSE, another of the United Kingdom’s Big Six suppliers, which also pledged not to increase their prices until January 2016 at the earliest. They are also a cheaper option at the moment to Scottish Gas.

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