Scottish Gas Customer Service Contact Number

0843 658 0433

Having billing issues or moving home? Call the Scottish Gas contact number for help.

When Might I Need To Call The Scottish Gas Contact Number?

  • I am having trouble with payment or billing
  • I am moving home and need to know what I should do
  • I am looking for energy saving advice
  • I can not log in to my online account
  • I would like to enquire into HomeCare
  • I wish to make a complaint about Scottish Gas

Alternative Scottish Gas Numbers


Department Number
Scottish Gas Payments and Billings 0843 658 0433
Scottish Gas Complaints 0843 658 0433

Scottish Gas Opening Hours

Department Opening hours
Scottish Gas Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm.

Scottish Gas Head Office Address

Scottish Gas Head Office
One Waterfront Avenue, Marine Drive, Granton, Edinburgh, Midlothian, EH5 1SG

Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons why you might want to call Scottish Gas. However, here are some of the most popular questions people ask the Scottish Gas customer service team as well as their answers:

What can I do to save energy in my home or business?

Particularly in the winter months, energy prices tend to rise as people require more gas and electricity to keep their homes warm. Scottish Gas have several tips on how to keep your costs down at times such as this. It suggests switching off or unplugging chargers that are not in use, washing your laundry at a lower temperatures than you normally would, keeping out draughts and making sure you buy energy efficient products.

I am moving home – what do I need to know? Scottish Gas contact

If you wish to have Scottish Gas supply the gas and electricity for your new home, you will need to let them know you are moving by calling the Scottish Gas phone number. This will allow them to move your services to the new address including any HomeCare you have taken out. To do so, you will need to have your account number, addresses and a contact telephone number on hand. It will take 6 to 8 weeks for the switching process to be complete.

What is Scottish Gas HomeCare?

Scottish Gas provide customers with a HomeCare range that can help offset the cost of burst pipes, faulty electrics, maintenance and other unexpected costs that you might encounter in your home. There are different deals that customers can take out ranging from £9.50 per month to £17 per month. It gives you unlimited call outs to around 6000 registered engineers and access to a helpline that is open 24/7.

How do I make payments to Scottish Gas?

There are several ways to pay your Scottish Gas bill or renew a subscription to one of their services. With the rise of secure internet financing, paying bills via internet banking and secure direct transfer have become popular ways to quickly and easily transfer funds, and have largely replaced the more traditional methods of bank transfers, cheques and credit card billing.

However, many people still choose to use the more traditional payment techniques, so Scottish Gas have opened up a large range of payment options to help customers find the option that best suits them and lets them work with their preferred methods to pay how they like to, and balance security, convenience, cost and value in a way personal to them.

These methods include:

  • Direct Debit taken automatically either every month or every quarter
  • Debit card/credit card
  • Online banking
  • Postal transfer
  • At a Post Office, bank or registered PayPoint
  • Using a Scottish Gas “payment card”

The Direct Debit option is available in Monthly Fixed, where the customer pays the same amount every month, Monthly Variable which comes out every month based on meter readings and Quarterly Variable, taken every three months based on your meter readings – the “set it and forget it” nature of Direct Debits allows Scottish Gas to discount it in comparison to other payment methods, meaning customers who pay by Direct Debit can save up to £73 per year versus customers who choose debit card payment.

Are Scottish Gas and British Gas the same?

While they operate in two different countries and under two different corporation names, Scottish Gas and British Gas are ultimately the same company. The areas administered by the two divisions are big enough that a split between the two made sense, making sure both could operate effectively and cater to the needs of their customers properly, but remaining united at the highest levels means the companies can coordinate properly, work together and, most importantly, support one another in the way only a completely unified corporation can.

This way, British Gas and Scottish Gas enjoy the best of both worlds – just like two different companies, they can administer their products and services to different populations and across different environments without a problem, but, like one company, their cooperation with one another is complete and they coordinate every move pefectly to support one another.

Originally called The Gas Light and Coke Company, Scottish Gas (and by extension British Gas) is one of the longest-running companies in the Europe, first opening its doors in 1812. The ability to work together even across national borders and under different names means the company is still kicking today, more than 200 years later.

More Info About Scottish Gas

A subsidiary of Centrica, British Gas is one of the Big Six energy providers in England and Wales. In Scotland, it goes by the trading name Scottish Gas. British Gas is one of the longest running companies of its type in the United Kingdom having been founded in 1812 as The Gas Light And Coke Company. Its business has thrived ever since to serve 12 million homes and employ over 30,000 members of staff. It used to be a public company before it was privatised under the Thatcher government in 1986.

British Gas, and in turn Scottish Gas, has built a reputation as one of the more forward-thinking providers of gas and electricity in the United Kingdom. It has been praised by many people for its Hive smart technology that lets you control the heating in your home via your smartphone. British Gas believes that it can help save customers money by giving them greater control to manage their energy in a more efficient way.

However, the company has also come under some criticism from both their customers and members of the press for raising its prices during the coldest months in the year. In 2013, the prices went up by over 10% during the winter months.

Popular questions about Scottish Gas scottish gas1

Who owns Scottish Gas networks?

Gas networks for Scottish Gas are owned by SGN.

How to complain about Scottish Gas?

The quickest way to make a complaint about the service you have experienced from Scottish Gas is to call the contact number at the top of the page.

How to switch to Scottish Gas?

There are three steps to switching energy supplier. Once you agree a tariff, Scottish Gas will send you a welcome pack, with a 10 day cooling off period. Your existing supplier will be contacted by Scottish Gas, who will advise them that they are taking over your supply. Before you switch, make sure to take a meter reading.

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