Protest Organised Against South West Water Sewage Spill

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A demonstration has been organised to force South West Water to stop releasing untreated sewage at a beauty spot in West Cornwall. Campaign action group Surfers Against Sewage and local residents have teamed up to protest against the company next week at Godrevy beach from 2pm.

The group will call for South West Water to stop releasing sewage into the water at the beach. A local resident and beach user Karin Howey said:

“This is the 21st century and we do not live in a third world country so how can it be acceptable that South West Water allows untreated sewage on to our beaches.”

The demonstration was organised after surfers and swimmers had to get out of the water at Godrevy after an enormous sewage spill flowed into the water for the third time in just two weeks. South West Water

A campaign director said that the community is sending a ‘clear message’ to South West Water that repeat polluting is unacceptable. He said that there are obvious solutions to the problem and stop treating the environment so badly.



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