Northumbrian Water Refuses to Help Landlord

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Utility company Northumbrian Water are refusing to help a landlord who needs to repair damage to his property that he claims was obtained after a leak. If you’d like to avoid dealing with these problems yourself, search for local companies who could for example property management companies in md. Bosses admit that there was a discharge of water outside the house which is located in Skelton, Teesside but claim they are not responsible for fixing the house afterwards. The blame for the leak has been passed on to a possible failure of a damp course which may have contributed to the damage. However, landlord Edward Brewis thinks that Northumbrian Water should pick up some of the bill. The Landlord already has a difficult job running his properties, so he really shouldn’t have to waste time battling water companies. Fortunately, things like resident screening services help landlords to conserve the amount of time they waste doing certain things that help them focus on the important parts of their business.

Mr.Brewis, who resides in Amble, Northumberland said:

“I rented the house out to two miners who were working for Boulby Potash Mine and they complained about excessive amounts of damp. I noticed that a pool of water had accumulated at the front of the property and on further inspection, I saw water was running through the garden wall and was coming from a leak between the wall and the road.”

He alleges that Northumbrian Water came out to start work but left an area barricaded overnight. The area began to overflow and Northumbrian Water sent out another group of workers to fiNorthumbrian Waterx the leak the next day. Mr.Brewis believes that he has enough evidence to coax Northumbrian Water into helping him pay for the damage which he says was caused by a failure in their distribution system. He believes that the leak had been happening for some time before it became obvious. He had just had a damp course fitted in order to combat previous damp issues which he says required even more work after the leak.

An independent report was conducted into the matter and it said that the damp started quickly and accelerated at a fast pace. The report said it would appear that increased presence of water from the leak would be a cause of the damp. When it comes to water damage or leaks within the home, it is always best to speak to professionals who know offer water leak repair services and prevent any further damage to your home. Through this, you know that you’ll be getting the highest level of plumbing service available.

A spokesperson for Northumbrian Water said that there is no evidence to suggest the leak had been running for a long period of time. The company said that there is also no evidence to suggest that dampness issues identified in September 2013 were due to the leak that the company fixed in March 2014. The professional opinion of the company is that surface water flowed over the block paved drive every time it rained, during a period of multiple periods of extreme rainfall. The spokesperson finished by saying that the company believes the dampness is an ongoing issue unrelated to the leak that was fixed.

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