Northumbrian Water launch conservation project for children

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Children from schools all over Northumberland have discovered how they can help save water as part of a new campaign by the area’s water provider, Northumbrian Water. The company helped educate children on the importance of using water wisely at the Children’s Countryside Day which took place earlier on in June.

This part of the project comes as Northumbrian Water have pledged to help hundreds of homes and local businesses in the area to save water whilst slashing their energy bills as part of a three month energy efficiency drive. The demand planning project manager for the company said that the water supplier is ‘passionate’ about helping local communities save water and educating the future generations is a key part of this.

The spokesperson went on to say that lots of local children were keen to take part in the range of interactive water activities put on by the company during the countryside day. The activities were designed to help them learn how much they can save and just why it is so important.

A child from one of the schools taking part said that he learnt a lot about how to save water at home, with handy tips such as not leaving the water running when you brush your teeth as well as taking shorter showers among the list.

Each of the children who took part also received free water saving products from the company such as a ‘toothy timer’ and a toothbrush to help remind them to turn the tap off when they brush their teeth. Northumbrian Water contact number


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