Northumbrian Water Contact Phone Number

0844 248 2563

Are you a Northumbrian Water customer? Do you need to contact someone for information regarding your water supply? Utility Talk can transfer you to the customer service team at the Northumbrian Water contact phone number.

Why would I need to call the Northumbrian Water contact phone number?

  • To report a loss in water supply.
  • To find out what to do when you are moving house.
  • To arrange for a ‘final bill’
  • To set up an account.
  • To find out about sewer flooding in your area or to report it.
  • To make a payment.
  • To give a meter reading.
  • To set up an account for your business.
  • To set up an account as a landlord for your tenants.
  • To report a leak in your local area.
  • To get help and advice on how to save water.

Northumbrian Water Numbers:

Phone Number
 Head Office 0844 248 2563
Emergency Enquiries 0844 248 2563
Complaints 0844 248 2563

Northumbrian Water Opening Hours

Department Opening Hours
Enquiries 8am and 8pm (Monday to Friday) and 8am and 1pm (Saturday).

Northumbrian Water Head Office

Department Location
Head Office Head Office
Abbey Road
Pity Me

Services provided by Northumbrian Water

Northumbrian Water is a water company that provides both drinking water and sewerage services in England. The range of domestic and business services provided is vast, but can be split into three key areas: water, sewerage and bathing waters.

Northumbrian Water aims to provide the safest water that it can. If you have no water or low pressure, test the cold kitchen tap. If this is working but the rest of the house is not, it may indicate a problem with your internal plumbing. If there is necessary maintenance work to be carried out in your area, this could also be the cause- check for a courtesy card sent to you by Northumbrian Water. The company has a guaranteed standard of service, which you can view in more detail online. You can download PDF documents on a range of topics such as debt collection, dealing with leaks and water meters.

Sewage is the water found in sewers. The sewers carry water to sewerage works run by Northumbrian Water which treat the water. You can find more information about sewer flooding and systems online.

Northumbrian Water has invested millions of pounds in improving bathing water quality in the region which it operates in over the last 15 years. In 2011, 90% of its beaches passed the Guideline measures- the first water company to do so.

If you wish to find out more about the vast range of services provided by Northumbrian Water or you need help with your account, please call the Northumbrian Water contact number.

Popular questions about Northumbrian Water

What area does Northumbrian Water cover?

Northumbrian Water supplies water services to around 4.4 million households across the North East of England. They also operate in the South East of England under the name Essex and Suffolk water.

How much are Northumbrian Water rates?

The amount you’re charged on your water bill will depend on whether you have a water meter or not. For unmetered properties, you’ll pay a fixed charge based on the value of your property for water and a fixed charge for sewerage services. For a water meter, you’ll pay a charge based on the amount of water you use and a fixed charge for sewerage costs.

Where does Northumbrian Water come from?

The water that Northumbrian Water supplies to customers mostly comes from rivers and reservoirs. Approximately 5% comes from rocks underground, known as aquifiers. Some reservoirs supply water directly to the treatment works, whereas others store water throughout rainy spells so that the river can be topped up during dry periods. Kielder Water is the most famous Northumbrian Water reservoir, and it is found in Northumberland.

How to cancel Northumbrian Water?

You can cancel Northumbrian Water if you are moving home outside of their supply area. You can contact the company via online contact form or the telephone number found at the top of this page. You will need to give Northumbrian Water at least five days notice and inform them of your new address. You’ll be sent a refund or a final bill if you are moving out of the area.

What does Northumbrian Water do?

Northumbrian Water is the supplier of water and sewerage services across the North East of England. They are responsible for providing safe, clean drinking water and managing sewerage systems in the area. Sewerage is recovered at the treatment works and turned into clean water or sludge which can then be used as fertiliser or even used to produce energy.

How to pay Northumbrian Water bill?

You can pay your Northumbrian Water bill in a number of ways, such as online, over the phone or by sending a cheque in the post.

Northumbrian Water as a company

Northumbrian Water is the trading arm of Northumbrian Water limited, owned by Northumbrian Water Group. It provides mains water and sewerage services in the counties of Northumberland, Durham, Tyne and Wear as well as some parts of North Yorkshire. It also supplies drinking water in parts of Essex. It is a private company in England and Wales under the name 2366703. It became this way in 1989. The total population served by Northumbrian Water is almost three million, taking advantage of services including:

  • 44 reservoirs.
  • 57 water treatment works.
  • 344 water pumping stations.
  • 338 water service reservoirs.
  • 25, 545km of water mains.
  • 765 sewage pumping stations.
  • 418 sewage treatment works.
  • 29,742km of sewers.

The operations are split between two resource zones: Berwick and Wooler and Kielder. Berwick and Wooler covers a small area in North Northumberland, and the rest of the region covered by Northumbrian Water is served by Kielder Water, the largest reservoir. The zone is split into three supply zones: Northern, Central and Southern which correspond to the rivers Tyne, Wear and Tees. Each zone is usually considered to be self-sufficient in water resources, however provision does exist to transfer water from the Northern zone to the others.

If you have any further questions regarding the service, call Northumbrian Water contact phone number.

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