New Anglian Water Plant To Be Built In Mattishall

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A new water treatment plant is to be built in Mattishall, East England this summer, which will eventually replace the company’s existing works in South Green.

The works in South Green were installed in the 1940s and are said to be no longer up to standard. The new treatment works will be built initially next to the existing plant before gradually replacing it entirely.

Work on the new Matishall plant will begin later this month and last week the village residents were invited to an open event where they could observe construction plans and ask questions about the project.

Many of the villagers were concerned about things like traffic management and how the ongoing work could affect their water supply. The three-hour open session however provided the chance for them to speak directly to Anglian Water officials and get answers to their questions.

The purpose behind the new plant is to continue to provide a sustained supply of safe drinking water to the people of Matishall and its surrounding areas, acting more efficiently and saving customers money. It is also expected that the project will reduce the amount of water needing to be transferred from water treatment works outside the area, such as those in Little Melton and Lyng Forge.

The company’s traffic management plans involve site access for construction traffic from the west of the A47 onto Stone Road, and back out to the A47 from Mattishall Road. This means that traffic will not need to travel directly through the village of Mattishall itself, instead enterting the construction area from the south and leaving through the north. Prohibited areas for such traffic will be clearly marked out with road signs stating ‘no construction traffic’.

The plan should help to minimise, if not eliminate, the amount of congestion and noise pollution experienced by the residents of Mattishall. Following the open session with Anglian Water officials, many of the residents were satisfied with the information given and reported that they were ‘perfectly happy’ with the planned arrangements.

One man, aged 74, who lives just two doors down from the site of the proposed works said he and his wife were “very reassured” by what they had seen and heard.

Meanwhile, motorists in the district of Daventry are being warned about possible delays and disruptions as Anglian Water starts repair work on surface water sewers in the area. The work is to be carried out on Daventry’s Middlemore estate later this month, for completion in late July.

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