Nestle Looks to UK Wind Farm For Half Its Energy Needs

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Nestle wind farm

A Scottish wind farm will provide a full half of Nestle’s UK energy requirements by next year, the chocolate giant has reported.

The wind farm, planned after Nestle signed a 15-year partnership deal with renewable energy experts Community Wind Power, will open in Dumfries and Galloway in the first half of 2017, and will consist of 9 efficient wind turbines. The farm will single-handedly produce about 125GWh every year, which is enough to provide 50% of Nestle’s enormous energy needs – that amount of electricity could power 30,000 homes!

This is not just a boost to the environment, but a more efficient source for Nestle, who until this point already sourced as much electricity as possible from renewable sources, even when drawing it from the UK national grid. The company is aiming to reduce its overall carbon footprint by 40% by 2020, and become entirely dependent on 100% renewable power sources as fast as is possible for them. Being a company of such size and intricacy, it is going to take a while, but they are fully committed to it, working solidly through the RE100 scheme to achieve their goal (the RE100 scheme is a global initiative dedicated to supporting, engaging and showcasing companies that are committed to using 100% renewable energy).

Dame Fiona Kendrick, the Chairman and CEO of Nestle UK, called the move “a step forward toward our long-term energy goals”.

She continued by saying “this wind farm is completely new; its clean energy-generation capacity exists now where it didn’t before, and the UK is better off for having it. It will provide 50% of our needs, and will free up a lot of available energy for the rest of the UK.”

When asked about Nestle’s social responsibility, she answered; “We know how we have to act and the role we must play in the UK and Ireland, and we’re serious about doing right by the people of those nations. Whether it’s in treating our people right, looking at our supply chain, reducing our carbon footprint, or the health and wellness of our employees and our customers, there’s work for us to do. We’re forging ahead and making great progress – and I don’t doubt that everyone here at Nestle is focused on the challenges ahead.”

Meanwhile, the RE100 campaign director, Emily Farnworth, said “Today’s announcement by Nestle is a fantastic step towards 100% renewable energy use, not just in the UK but in its global operations. The market signal sent through RE100 – the demand for renewable energy is on the rise – is a strong one, and Nestle’s move reinforces that completely.”

The announcement that Nestle was opening the wind farm next year came on the same day as the firm released its Nestle in Society report, a corporate report that dissects how Nestle is fulfilling its key goals to become a responsible, sustainable business. The report covers the company’s work on youth employment, its move to become one of the first major manufacturers to adopt the living wage in 2014, and its switch to using 100% sustainably-sourced cocoa this year. Overall, the report reflects well on a company that continues to work towards being better tomorrow than it is today.

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