Man Receives Cheque for One Single Penny As “Gesture of Goodwill” from First Utility

Kevin McAdam, a resident of Fleetwood, received a comically giant cheque from First Utility as a “gesture of goodwill” after being hounded by them for months for money he didn’t owe.

He had not used First Utility for a full year when the cheque appeared, but had been getting monthly emails and letters form them demanding he pay his outstanding balance – a balance which did not exist.

“I was with First Utility for six weeks from March to June 2014. I then moved to British Gas.” he said.

“During the period from June 2014 to date, I had monthly emails from First Utility wanting money even though I had paid up with them. Then, in June 2015 I got an e-mail stating that the problem was solved, account closed, and that I wouldn’t be bothered by them any more.

I finally got a letter by way of apology, with a gigantic cheque as a gesture of goodwill. You can see why I am so deliriously happy.”

In the letter attached, the utilities company expressed its disappointment at not providing Mr McAdams with a service that fit its ‘acceptable standards’, and as a gesture of goodwill, drew his attention to the cheque for £0.01p which was attached “as discussed.”

When questioned about the cheque, a spokesperson for First Utility went on record saying “This is a rather embarrassing case of human error. Mr McAdam’s account hadn’t closed properly so we needed to refund him the 1p which was outstanding – but this should have been done automatically. Inadvertently, we seem to have not only sent him a cheque for 1p but implied that it is as compensation. Clearly that’s a mistake on our part for which we’re sorry and hope there was no offence caused.”

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