How to Join British Gas

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British Gas is the largest energy supplier in the UK. If you would like British Gas to supply your property, you can call them on 0333 202 9802 to discuss it. This guide will tell you how to join British Gas across their range of services as a domestic customer. Read this to find out what you can expect when you join British Gas and how to get the most out of being a customer.

How to Get a Quote from British Gas

Other than calling British Gas, you can easily get a quote from British Gas online. Enter your postcode to get a quote for the cost of energy in your local area. You can make the quote as accurate as possible by entering more information about your energy needs and specifying:

  • gas, electricity, or dual fuel
  • standard, multi-rate, or smart meter
  • direct debit, quarterly cash or cheque, or pay as you go
  • how much energy you use, if you know

Or you can simply take a look at all the British Gas tariffs yourself and see which ones are available to you. You may be able to save money with a fixed tariff, despite their exit fees.

How to Join British Gas by Switching Supplier

If you decide that you want to switch from another supplier to British Gas, then all you need to do is contact British Gas. You can do this over the phone or by getting a quote online as above. They will handle the transfer for you and contact your old supplier so that you don’t have to. You should receive letters and/or e-mails from British Gas confirming all the details of the transfer, including the switchover date. They will tell you what you need to do about your meter to prepare for your first British Gas bill. You can also contact them about being a customer if you are going to be moving home but they do not already supply your property.

How to Register for a British Gas Account

Once you are a British Gas customer, you can register for an online account if you did not already create one when signing up. You will need your customer reference number, and details such as your e-mail address and phone number. When you join British Gas online, you’ll be able to view and pay your bills easily. It also makes it easier to monitor your energy usage, submit meter readings, or book an engineer visit for checks and repairs. You do not have to have an online account, but it has a lot of benefits. You can also sign up for Rewards.

How to Join British Gas Rewards

You can register for a British Gas Rewards membership in your online account. This scheme gives customers access to discounts, giveaways, and prize day draws for family treats. You have to be a home energy customer to be eligible for joining the Rewards scheme. British Gas can suspend membership or deny benefits if a customer violates the terms and conditions. It includes not paying an outstanding balance within 28 days if you continue to owe money to British Gas. You can close your membership at any time, but you may not be able to re-join.

How to Join British Gas Priority Services

If British Gas supplies your property but you or someone you live with needs some extra support, then you can call British Gas and ask to join their Priority Services Register. This helps vulnerable people such as the elderly, those with disabilities or long-term illnesses, or children under 5 years old. People may also need additional assistance during difficult times of bereavement or employment or relationship changes. Being on this register means that you can request bills in alternative formats, like braille or audio CDs, and British Gas can call to talk you through them. You can also nominate someone to handle your account for you if you are unable to. British Gas can give you advance warnings for supply interruptions, send someone to read your meter properly for you, and could provide a free annual safety check.

How to Join British Gas Hive Smart Home

British Gas also offers smart home technology through Hive. The range of smart products and controls allows you to manage your energy use and run your home from anywhere. Lighting, heating, security – even boiling the kettle for a cup of tea can become much easier with voice commands to Amazon Alexa or adjusting settings in the smartphone app. You do not have to be a British Gas customer to purchase Hive products and set up a smart home. However, British Gas customers can often get discounts when they join Hive and buy devices.

How to Join British Gas Home Services

In addition to everything else, British Gas also offers insurance cover and repairs under the banner of Home Services. You can pay for cover plans for boilers and heating, plumbing and drains, and appliances and electricals. You can also purchase home insurance for buildings and contents. They offer insurance cover and repairs specifically for landlords as well. You do not need to be an energy customer to pay for cover with British Gas, but you may be able to get special offers for HomeCare plans. It also helps to manage your accounts online together.

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