How to Activate Emergency Credit on Electric Meter

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If you’re running out of credit on your electric meter and need to activate emergency credit you can find out how to activate it with some of the leading providers below. Emergency credit is usually £5 and you must pay it back.

emergency credit electricity meter

British Gas Emergency Credit

With British Gas, you’re entitled to £5 emergency credit which will become available once your reach below £2 credit. You can activate your emergency credit EmCr flashing on your meter. You need to press the B button to access the emergency credit acceptance page, you can then accept the emergency credit by pressing the B again for yes. You should then see ‘EmCr accepted’ on your meter screen.

E.ON Emergency Credit

When your E.ON meter beeps it means you have less than 50p credit on your meter, you can then access the £5 emergency credit. To activate the emergency credit you just need to insert your credit key into your meter and it will automatically transfer you £5 emergency credit.

SSE Emergency Credit

With SSE you can activate your £5 emergency credit once you’re down to 50p credit. To activate your credit you can simply insert your key into your meter and this will activate the emergency credit.

Utilita Emergency Credit 

With Utilita you have up to £15 emergency credit available to you once you are given the ‘Low Credit Alert’ when your credit reaches £0. Your emergency credit will be applied automatically once this happens and you will need to pay back the emergency credit. Anything used after the £15 emergency credit is classed as friendly credit if it is during the friendly credit times.

Scottish Power Emergency Credit

Your emergency credit will be automatically applied with Scottish Power once you reach £0, Scottish Power offers £5 credit and this must be paid back. If it is not paid off your power will be temporarilly shut off.

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