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0333 202 9614

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Contact Hive on this number if you are interested in a Hive Connected Home. Hive is a subsidiary brand of the Centrica Hive Limited company. They produce smart home devices for connected homes. More than a million customers use Hive to control lights, thermostats, plugs, windows, and doors. This is done by connecting Hive smart devices to the internet and controlling them from the website or mobile app. They offer deals with Centrica’s British Gas.

Hive Contact Numbers

Opening Times
Hive Customer
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 9pm
(Sat – Sun) 8am – 9pm
Hive Products
& Installation
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 9pm
(Sat – Sun) 8am – 9pm
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 9pm
(Sat – Sun) 8am – 9pm
Monthly Plans
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 9pm
(Sat – Sun) 8am – 9pm
Hive Service
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 9pm
(Sat – Sun) 8am – 9pm
(Mon – Fri) 8am – 9pm
(Sat – Sun) 8am – 9pm

Hive Customer Services

Contact Hive customer services by calling the phone number. Learn more about Hive and how connected smart homes work. Find out which offers you can get through British Gas. Get help with accessing your My Hive Home account if you are an existing Hive customer. They can help you with the Hive app and changing your personal details in your account. You can also find out about their Refer a Friend programme so you and your friend can get rewards.

Hive Products & Installation

There is a big range of Hive products and accessories available. If you are new to Hive smart devices, call their helpline to find out what is available, how much it costs, and which of their products work together. You can buy them for self-installation or buy them with professional installation from Hive included. You can call this number to book your appointment with an engineer. Call if there is a fault with the installation or you need further help with products.

Hive Payments

When you buy Hive products, generally you must pay at the time of purchase. If you buy a pack with a payment plan, this must usually be repaid within 12 months of ordering them. Additional monthly payments for any Hive services you add will all be taken together on the same date. Hive should e-mail you regarding your payments, and they can terminate your services if you don’t make the payments. Call their number for help with paying for Hive.

Hive Monthly Plans

To make things more convenient, Hive offers several different Monthly Plans. For a fixed monthly payment, you will get a particular selection of smart devices plus ongoing extra features and complimentary maintenance. Some plans include heating, leak sensors, and cameras as well as light bulbs and a Hive Hub. One of the more expensive plans even comes with an Amazon Echo Dot. Call the number to discuss your plan or joining or swapping.

Hive Service Cancellation

When you buy directly from Hive or British Gas, you can cancel your order within 14 days. If you arranged for professional Hive installation during the cooling-off period and then cancel, they can still charge you for this work. Call Hive to give notice of your cancellation. They will tell you how to return the products to them. If you cancel after 14 days, then you’ll have to pay off any outstanding balances or fees. They might cancel if you miss a payment.

Hive Complaints

If for whatever reason you are not happy with a product or service from Hive, call the number to complain. This could be about problems with an individual smart device, the app or online service, or the prices and your account. Hive will try to fix these issues immediately, or contact you with a further acknowledgement within 48 hours. They will give you an individual contact and inform you of the progress in the complaint case. You can ask to escalate issues.

Other Ways to Contact Hive

Hive stays connected to customers online to be as reliable as their smart home products. If you need customer support, visit the Facebook page or contact the dedicated @HiveHelper account on Twitter. You can also send e-mails to for general enquiries or for complaints and assistance requests. Or visit the Hive Community for information. You can also write letters to Hive or to Centrica’s head office address below.

19-22 Rathbone Place

Centrica Hive Limited
Maidenhead Road

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