First Utility

0843 658 0675

You can get in contact with the First Utility customer services on 0843 658 0675. First Utility is a gas, electric and broadband provider in the UK.

First Utility Phone Numbers:

First Utility Phone Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0843 658 0675 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Billing/Account 0843 557 3813 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Tariffs 0843 557 5194 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Smart Home 0844 826 8069 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Saturday 9am-4pm
Emergency 0844 453 0203 24 hours
7 days a week
Complaints 0843 290 7096 Mon-Fri 8am-8pm
Saturday 9am-4pm

First Utility Customer Services

You can get in contact with the First Utility customer service team by calling 0843 658 0675. If you’re thinking about switching provider or tariff, you’re moving home, you would like to find out if your tariff is the best one for you and your usage, you would like to know how can save more money on your bills, you would like to know what fuel First Utility use, you would like to know about their company policies or you would like to speak to the customer services team for another reason you can call the number.


To speak to a member of the customer service team about your bills or your account you can call 0843 557 3813. You can call about any issues you’re having with your bills for example if you can’t view it online, you haven’t received a paper copy or your bill appears to be wrong. If you’re calling about your account you can call if your payment details are incorrect, your personal information on the account is incorrect, you want to change your password or email, you’re struggling to access your account or you’re having some other issues with your account.


First Utility offer gas, electric and broadband services, if you would like to find out about their tariffs you can call 0843 557 5194. You can call the find out about what tariff is good for your area, your finances and your usage, you would like to change your tariff, you want to know if you can get any deals for gas, electricity and broadband or you have some alternative questions regarding First Utility’s tariffs.

Smart Home

You can get in touch with First Utility about their smart home options by calling 0844 826 8069. First Utility offers a few smart home options including the Nest Thermostat E, Nest Can Indoor, Smart Meters and some tariffs even come with a Google home mini. You can call the number to find out how to make your home a smart home, what smart devices can you purchase with your tariffs and help setting up/managing your smart home devices.


If you need to report an emergency to First Utility you need to call 0844 453 0203. Whether you can smell gas, you’re having problems with your appliances, your power has gone out, there’s a problem with your supply, your home has flooded or their is another emergency you can call the above number. If you think you’re experiencing a gas leak it is very important that you open all doors and windows, don’t light any naked flames (this includes cigarettes), do not use any electrical appliances (including light switches and phones), try to turn off your gas with the emergency control and then leave the property before calling First Utility.


If you have some complaints about the services offered by First Utility you can call 0843 290 7096. You can call to complain about any part of their services you’re not happy about including broadband services, their gas or electricity services, you’re unhappy about their online services, you have had a negative experience with a member of their staff or you have some other complaints about the company.

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