First Utility Charges Customer Who Cancelled Account

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A First Utility customer is unhappy with the service he has been receiving from the company who have continued to send him bills since he closed his account.

The customer, who wrote anonymously to The Telegraph’s Jessica Investigates page, says that he switched to First Utility for his gas and electricity supply several years ago. When the customer decided to move to Spain and rented his house out to a tenant, he gave First Utility to contact details for the new occupier. The customer had paid the final bill as was stated on the readings before leaving.

However, First Utility continued to send the customer invoices and stated that it would be taking the direct debit as originally planned. This is despite receiving the final bill and informing them of the change in circumstances. On their online account, it even said that the customer had “no active services with” the utility provider.

Regardless, almost four months after the final bill had been paid, the customer received an email from First Utility stating that a bill of £286 was due to be paid.

The customer was then contacted by First Utility and told that they must pay up. This was following emails threatening that a debt collection company would be called in to deal with the issue if no steps were taken. Having provided the correct information to the customer service representative, the line went dead.

The customer then rang up again to make a complaint. This customer service representative was apologetic and told the customer that she could see they’d sent almost a dozen emails and promised things would be corrected.

First Utility has since refunded the customer £82 that they were owed and offered an additional £75 as a goodwill gesture. However, this did not come so easily either as no confirmation of this money was received until several further emails were sent.

First Utility supplies gas and electricity to many different areas of the United Kingdom. It’s the seventh largest company of its type in the country, meaning it is not considered to be part of Britain’s Big Six. It was founded in 2008 as a spin off from First Telecom. The company is based out of Warwick.

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