Exertis Gem Partners With British Gas

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Exertis Gem, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of home entertainment software has teamed up with British Gas to distribute its Hive Active Heating technology. Hive Active Heating launched back in Autumn 2013 and is a service where users can control their home’s heating and hot water remotely by using a smartphone, tablet or web browser. The smart technology is one of the latest to launch in the UK.

British Gas’ new partnership with Exertis Gem means that the distributor is now one of the main distributors for the Hive Active Heating service. The director of connected homes for British Gas said that already 80,000 households are using Hive Active Heating to control their hot water and heating remotely, whilst saving around £150 on their annual bills. Being able to control from your phone means that customers never have to come home to a cold house or heat up an empty one.

He added that based on feedback from customers, a Geolocation feature has recently been added which means that Hive Active Heating knows from your smartphone’s location services when you’re almost home or on your way out and prompts you to turn the heating off or on.

The consumer electronics manager for Exertis Gem said that connected home technology is a big focus for Exertis Gem. She added that the brands the company works with have been carefully selected for their innovative technology. Hive by British Gas puts the consumer fully in charge of their heating, offering a smart way to save money on their bills. Lastly, she expressed that Exertis Gem was extremely happy to have been selected by British Gas as the supplier for a potentially very popular product.

To find out more about how Hive Active Heating works, please call the British Gas customer service contact number.

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