Energy Switch Cashback Deals

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Energy Switch Cashback Deals
Clever consumers will know that they should always shop around to find the best tariffs for their energy. When it’s time to renew, switching suppliers can save you money. But did you know that you can get some extra money on top of reducing your energy bill? You can earn cashback just for switching energy suppliers when you arrange it through particular websites.

Comparison Site Energy Switch Cashback Deals

There are plenty of comparison sites you can use to search for the tariffs available based on where you live. Find the best deal for you, let the website handle the switch, and get the cash.

Energy Helpline Cashback

This price comparison and switch-facilitating website will offer £17 cashback for a single fuel switch or £34 for dual fuel. This is for applications made through the website, as the cashback is only £10 or £20 when you apply over the phone. It is better to go through Energy Helpline directly. The cashback will only be £15 and £30 respectively if you switch with Energy Helpline through Quidco, and is £16 and £32 for switching with Energy Helpline through TopCashback.

Energylinx Cashback

For the same cashback amount as Energy Helpline, you could use Energylinx to compare the tariffs and then arrange your switch. They will offer £17 when you switch a single fuel, or £34 when you switch both gas and electricity through them. Both TopCashback and Quidco offer £1 less in cashback when you use Energylinx through their websites. You can get £16 if you switch a single fuel. However, you could get £1 more at £35 cashback for switching duel fuel.

Free Price Compare Cashback

Like it says on the tin, it is free to compare energy tariffs with Free Price Compare. They offer up to £35.72 cashback per transaction, meaning even if you switch two fuels you won’t earn more. However, if you use Free Price Compare through TopCashback, they have some fixed rate cashback deals. These are £11.25 for switching a single fuel policy and £30.50 for a dual fuel policy. If you run a business consuming over 50,000 kWh, then you can get £80 cashback.

Money Saving Expert Cashback

This is probably the only comparison website you might have actually heard of already. Yet despite the recognizable name, their cashback offer is actually on the lower end of the scale. Their Cheap Energy Club allows you to find the cheapest tariffs. When you switch through them, they will give you £12.50 per fuel. That’s £12.50 for a single fuel switch and £25 for a dual fuel switch. Using MSE through Quidco could get you £18 for a single switch and £26 for dual fuel. TopCashback only offers £13 for single fuel, but if you switch both you can get £35.

Quotezone Cashback

They don’t actually advertise any cashback when you use them directly, but you can still earn something if you compare and switch with Quotezone. Go through Quidco and they will pay you £12 cashback when you confirm a single fuel switch, or £25 for switching both fuels. You could increase your cashback by going through TopCashback instead. They offer £13.38 for switching a single fuel tariff and £29.40 when you switch your home energy dual fuel tariffs.

Simply Switch Cashback

Another comparison and switching site which does not seem to offer cashback directly is Simply Switch. Depending on your tariff being single or dual fuel, you could get a cashback deal using a cashback site instead. Use Simply Switch through TopCashback and they provide £20.21 in cashback for single fuel switches or £37.80 for dual fuel switches. Quidco will only offer £19 to switch a single fuel tariff through them, but will pay £38 for switching dual fuels.

Switchcraft Cashback

The cleverly named Switchcraft can help you to find the provider offering the best tariff for you. If saving money is magical, then you can conjure up bonus cash by using Switchcraft through Quidco. This will get you £18 cashback for single fuel switches or £36 for dual fuel switches. Also like its name, TopCashback can top that, offering £18.90 or £37.80 respectively.

Switchd Cashback

Sometimes you do have to be wary about websites offering cashback deals. Switchd is one of them. Using their basic services is free, but they offer tiers of paid membership for access to more services. To get a larger amount of cashback when you switch through them, you have to pay the membership fee at that level. It will reduce your savings, but it might be worth it. Their Lite membership is £1.99 a month, then £3.49 a month for Standard, or £4.99 a month for Premium. Quidco offers £9.63 cashback if you have a free or Lite membership, £15.40 for Standard members, and £23.10 for Premium members. TopCashback offers £13.12 to free and Lite members, £21 to Standard members, and £31.50 if you are a Premium member.

uSwitch Cashback

You might have also heard of uSwitch before. They don’t advertise cashback themselves, but you can still collect some cash for using their services. Simply go through TopCashback first and they will reward you with £11.02 for switching your single fuel or £22.05 for switching dual fuels. This time, Quidco has the edge, offering £15 for single fuel and £30 for dual fuel.
Energy Switch Cashback Deals

Energy Supplier Switch Cashback Deals

So you’ve browsed the comparison sites and found the provider offering the tariff you want to switch to. You’ve looked at the information above and found the best comparison site to switch through. But before you do that, you might want to check if that energy supplier has their own cashback deals. You could get more money without going through a switching site.

British Gas Cashback

There are several British Gas tariffs which can earn you some extra money if you go directly to British Gas from a cashback website. Join the single fuel gas only tariff and get £15 from Quidco or £25 from TopCashback. Other dual fuel tariffs could earn you £45 from Quidco or £50 with TopCashback. Switching to their Everything Online Green Dec 2021 tariff for dual fuel will gain £85 cashback with Quidco or a huge £100 with TopCashback. The same rates apply for cashback with their dual fuel HomeEnergy Secure Feb 2021 tariff on both websites.

EDF Energy Cashback

Customers who are new to EDF Energy looking to switch to this provider can get cashback on certain tariffs. Swapping to their Blue+Price Protection tariff for single fuel will generate £20 cashback on Quidco and £21 on TopCashback. Changing to the same tariff for dual fuel will double your earnings. Quidco will give you £40 and TopCashback will give you £42. Switch to their Easy Online tariff for dual fuel and you can get either £99.75 from TopCashback or £100 from Quidco. TopCashback can also offer discount codes for EDF Energy’s Smart Home store.

First Utility Cashback

Though it is an independent supplier, First Utility was actually the first utility supplier to offer cashback as an incentive. Rather than offer it directly, they partnered with TopCashback from the beginning. However, Quidco also got in on this action. TopCashback offers a better deal if you are switching single fuel or dual fuel. Their £26.25 and £42 beats Quidco’s offering of £25 and £40. TopCashback will offer some money back when you switch to a First Utility dual fuel fixed tariff. For less than 18 months, TopCashback offers £52.50, then £63 for 18 months to 2 years, then £84 for 3 years or more. Quidco doesn’t offer this deal, offering cashback for new customers switching to First Utility broadband. The slowest speed comes with £55 cashback, then £75 for the middle speed, then £85 for the fastest broadband available from First Utility.

Green Star Energy Cashback

There are a lot of opportunities for cashback from Green Star Energy, another independent supplier. Green Star Energy’s website advertises various deals through TopCashback. When switching to their single fuel fixed tariff of 36 months, complete with an Amazon Echo, you could get £30 from TopCashback or £29 from Quidco. The Green version of this tariff fixed for 18 months comes with £20 from TopCashback, or £24 for 24 months. For these same tariffs, Quidco offers £19 and £25. Depending on the length of the contract, switching to a dual fuel tariff could get you £40, £60, or £100 from TopCashback, with £39, £59, or £99 from Quidco.

Npower Cashback

TopCashback is an official affiliate of Big Six supplier Npower, as listed on their website. On TopCashback, you can get £15.75 for a single fuel switch, but Quidco offers £20. For a dual fuel variable tariff, TopCashback’s £36.75 is also beaten by Quidco’s £40. It’s the same story for the dual fuel Price Fix 2020 tariffs, including the Green energy version. TopCashback will offer £47.25 for each of these, while Quidco offers £50. For the duel fuel Super Fix 2021 deal, TopCashback will give £89.25. Quidco offers that little bit more again with £90. Quidco also advertises a free annual membership to the lifestyle hub Take Time Out with all of the deals.

OVO Energy Cashback

Another smaller supplier using cashback as a sweetener is OVO Energy. Quidco offers customers switching to a fixed-rate 12-month contract for dual fuel £25. Or for a 2-year contract, it’s £30. TopCashback can beat this with £26.25 for the 12-month contract and £31.50 for 2 years. However, Quidco is also advertising discount deals from OVO Energy. These include saving up to £110 on a dual fuel 2-year tariff, plus the £30 cashback. Or you could save up to £135 on the Better Tariff for Dual Fuel, as well as getting £30 in cashback.

SSE Cashback

Another one of the Big Six energy companies joining in with cashback offers is SSE. If you’re already an SSE customer, you could get a free £5 just for booking a smart meter installation appointment. The single fuel 1-year fixed tariff comes with £30 cashback for new customers from either Quidco or TopCashback. The same tariff for dual fuel can get £75 from Quidco, but £100 from TopCashback. A single fuel 1-year fixed tariff with a smart meter also has the same £30 cashback from both sites. The situation is then reversed for the dual fuel version, with TopCashback offering £75 but Quidco offering £100. Quidco is also advertising £50 in credit after 12 months with the smart meter fixed tariff, as well as the cashback. If you don’t want cashback, SSE offers a 2-year fixed tariff which comes with Argos gift cards for perks.

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