EDF Smart Meter Not Working – What To Do

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If you think your EDF smart meter has stopped working you can follow the steps on the guide below to help you get it working again or how to get in touch with EDF to organise a repair or a new smart meter to be sent to your home.

Check your smart meter is not working

If you suspect your EDF smart meter is not working you need to make sure before you contact EDF for a repair. If your smart meter screen is blank this most likely means it is asleep or needs to be plugged in at the wall, once you have checked it is plugged into the wall and turned on, if it is still blank you need to just press any button and it should wake up. If this doesnt work you can try resetting the smart meter by checking the instructions that came with your smart meter (or you can check the EDF website) and find out how to reset your model of smart meter.

If the smart meter is showing an error code, you should call EDF straight away using the instructions below. If your smart meter has stopped sending readings automatically for whatever reason (this could be due to the signal being weak or interrupted) you will have to send your reading manually which you can do by going to the EDF website. This problem should fix itself once the signal gets better.

If your gas smart meter is not displaying any information about your usage this may be a sign of a gas leak, if you can smell gas or your suspect you have a gas leak in your home you need to turn off all of your electrics, do not light any bare flames, open all of the windows and doors and call the National Gas emergency services once you are outside and safe, their number is 0800 111 999 and it is a free, 24 hour, 365 days a year helpline.

How to get in touch with EDF regarding a smart meter that is not working

You just need to call the number and explain to the member of the EDF staff what the issue you’re experiencing with your smart meter is. They will then either walk you through a way you can repair the meter yourself or offer to send someone to repair it for you or just send a new one to your home.

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