EDF Lost Gas Card – What To Do

If you have lost your EDF gas card or it has stopped working you can follow the instructions on the guide below to find out what you need to do to report your gas card as lost and how to get a replacement card.

what to do if you have lost your EDF gas card

How to report your EDF gas card as lost

You can inform EDF that you have lost your gas card by calling 0843 557 5126. You need to then inform the member of EDF staff that you have lost your gas card and inform them of whether there was money on your card that had not been applied to your meter yet. They will be able to save any money you had on the card that you have lost. You will then be able to organise with the EDF staff member receiving a new card.

How to get a replacement EDF gas card

To get a replacement card you first need to call the number listed above. Once on the phone, you will be able to organise receiving a new gas card. If this is the first time your gas card has been lost (or damaged to the point it will not work) you will be able receive a replacement card for free, any time after this if you need a replacement card you will have to pay £7 for a replacement key. You will receive your replacement card via post within 5 working days, if you can’t wait this long you will have to pick it up from a local shop. If you need to use your gas before you receive your replacement card you can use the emergency credit on your meter, to find out how to activate emergency credit you can call the number above or go to the EDF website.

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