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0843 658 0931

You can call the EDF customer services contact number on 0843 658 0931. EDF supplies gas and electricity to homes and businesses around the United Kingdom.

EDF Numbers:

EDF Phone Number Opening hours
Customer Services 0843 658 0931 Mon–Fri 8am–8pm,
Sat 8am–2pm
Bills and Accounts 0843 557 4512 Mon–Fri 8am–8pm,
Sat 8am–2pm
Tariffs & Home
0843 557 3706 Mon–Fri 8am–8pm,
Sat 8am–2pm
Business Services 0843 557 4514 Mon–Fri 8am–8pm,
Sat 8am–2pm
Emergencies 0843 557 5126 Mon–Fri 8am–8pm,
Sat 8am–2pm
Complaints 0843 557 3393 Mon–Fri 8am–8pm,
Sat 8am–2pm
EDF Free Phone Number 0800 056 2422 Mon–Fri 8am–8pm,
Sat 8am–2pm

EDF Customer Services

You can contact the EDF customer services department by calling 0843 658 0931. You can get in touch with the customer services team if you have some inquiries about the general services offered by EDF, you would like to know about one specific aspect of the company, you’re having some issues with the website, you want to know more about the energy provided by EDF or you have some other inquiries or issues with EDF.

EDF Phone Number 0800

There is an 0800 phone number for EDF Energy if you want to call their customer services department. The free EDF contact number is 0800 056 2422, which shouldn’t cost anything.

Bills and Accounts

You can call the bills and accounts number on 0843 557 4512. The bills and account number can be dialled if you’re having some issues with your bill whether that is difficulty paying it or a bill being incorrect, you can call if you’re struggling to log into your account, some of your account details are wrong, you’re moving homes or you have some other inquiries or problems related to your bills or account.

Tariffs and Home Services

You can call the tariffs and home services number on 0843 557 3706. The tariffs and home services number can be called if you have some inquiries about which tariff would be best for you and your gas/electricity usage, you want to know more about smart homes and smart meters, you would like to switch tariffs, you would like a quote regarding a tariff or you have some other home services questions.

Business Services

The EDF business services can be contacted by calling 0843 557 4514. You can call regarding any inquiries about changing provider, what tariffs are available for your business, you can receive a quote, you can compare tariffs, you need to add a new location, you are moving locations, you need to renew your contact or you have some other business service related questions.


You can call the EDF emergencies helpline on 0843 557 5126. You can call the helpline if you believe there is a gas leak in your home, there is a power outage in your home or you’re experiencing another emergency. If you believe there is a gas emergency in your home make sure to open all windows and doors and do not light any flames or cigarettes and leave the premises before called EDF.

EDF Complaints

If you have some complaints about EDF or the services they’re offering you can call 0843 557 3393. You can call the complaints line to file a complaint about the company and any services you have been receiving from them, you can also complain about any of their staff members or online services.

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