E.ON Contact Phone Number

0843 658 6888

Want to call the E.ON Contact Number?

The E.ON contact phone number can be called for a range of reasons, such as:

• Paying or querying your bill
• Submitting a meter reading
• Getting help with reading your meter
• Moving your E.ON service to a new address
• Building a new property or installing a new energy service
• Reporting a problem with your gas or electricity supply
• Making a complaint.

Possible Reasons For Calling E.ON

What should I do if I don’t think my bill is correct?

• If your bill is estimated, it may not be a proper calculation of your actual usage. You should take a meter reading yourself and submit it to E.ON to ensure more accurate billing. (See below for taking meter readings.)
• E.ON may bill you for energy used in previous months if your bills were underestimated in the past. Other reasons for unexpected fluctuations in your bill include the time of year (you may use more energy in the winter months); price changes; new appliances in the home; increase in the number of people in your home, or being billed for the wrong type of gas meter.
• If your bill has more than one set of readings and charges, it may be due to a price change on your energy or because you have switched to another energy tariff since your last bill. The bill will be split to reflect the prices and charges before and after the change.
• It can be useful to understand how your gas charges are calculated to help you understand your bill. A full breakdown can be found here.
• If you still don’t think your bill is right (or you believe you’re being charged for the wrong type of meter), simply call E.ON Customer Services who will be able to help.

How do I take and submit a meter reading?

• How you read your meter will depend on the type of meter you own – mechanical, digital or smart meter. For a full guide on identifying and reading your type of meter, click here.
• If you have just had a new meter installed, E.ON will automatically update your account. This could take up to six weeks, but any changes will be backdated.
• Some outside meter boxes require a special key to open. The previous occupier of your home may have left the key for you when you first moved in. If not, E.ON will be able to provide you with one – just call the E.ON phone number for help.
• You can submit a meter reading over the phone or by logging in to your E.ON online customer account. Alternatively you can also submit a reading online without creating an account, by filling in a meter-reading form on the E.ON website.

I have a gas/electricity emergency. What should I do?

• If you think you can smell a gas leak, the first thing you should do is open all doors and windows to aid ventilation and put out any naked flames, such as candles. You should also turn off your gas supply at the meter and leave it off until further notice.
• Call the National Gas Service Emergency Line on 0800 111 999. While you wait for help, don’t smoke, light any naked flames or turn on anything electrical, including light switches.
• If you experience a loss of electricity in your home, first check your trip switches to make sure none have switched themselves off. If not, check with your neighbours to see if they have power. It may be a power cut in your local area in which case E.ON will be working to bring your electricity back on as soon as possible.
• Your prepayment credit may also have run low. If it is not working but is still in credit, call E.ON Customer Services for assistance.

Origins of E.ON

E.ON was created in 2000 by the merger of energy companies VEBA and VIAG. Later in 2002 it went on to acquire Powergen, before entering the gas market through its acquisition of gas company Ruhrgas.
Based in Germany, it serves more than 26 million customers in over 30 countries including the UK, the US, Sweden, Russia and Spain. It is the main public utility in Europe and the largest investor-owned energy service in the world.

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