Clitheroe Water Supply From United Utilities Should Return To Normal By Lunchtime

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Residents in Clitheroe can expect to find that their water supply will have return to normal by lunchtime, following the water pipe that had burst in the town.

There are currently a team of engineers working to divert the water around the leak through a very elaborate network of mains pipes, whilst another team is working on repairing the pipe that has been damaged.

Some customers have already reported that their water supply is returning to normal.

The 15 inch pipe made from PVC had burst close to Slaidburn Road in Waddington, during the early hours of the morning. This resulted in a loss of water or low water pressure in areas of Clitheroe, impacting significantly on their early morning routine.

Engineers have been working very carefully to manoeuvre the water supply around the burst. In order to do this by creating the least amount of damage, they need to move the water very slowly and not cause more pressure issues, which could result in further leaks if they aren’t avoided.

By ‘rezoing’ the water supply, customers should find that their water supply returns to a normal standard this morning. The repair is expected to be completed by early evening, with a 6m of pipe being used to replace the damaged area.

If customers find that their water supply is discoloured, they are being encouraged to turn on the cold tap that is nearest to their stop-cock to a trickle. This should clear out any discoloured water and the water supply should return to normal.

United Utilities are helping to keep taps flowing by using tankers to fill reservoirs. These are vital for serving rural villages within the area.

Mark Donaghy, who is a spokesman for United Utilities said 

We’re really sorry for any problems this burst has caused today. We’re moving quickly to get water back to customers’ taps and hope the situation will be back to normal very shortly.

The impact on the burst is aid to have reached thousand of households, school and business within the Ribble Valley area. Some properties were left with no water, or just a trickle coming out of the taps and several school have been forced to close.

If you have been impacted by the burst water main and are still experiencing problems with your water supply, you should ring the United Utilities Contact Number. There will be a member of staff available to help you out with any enquiries you may have as well as providing advice with the best way to deal with the current situation and when it is expected to return to normal.

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