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Utility Company Begins Using Surveillance Drones

A utility company is Allentown, Philadelphia, has begun using small surveillance drones to keep an eye on their holdings, machinery and infrastructure. The company, PPL Electric Utilities, is the latest agency to jump on surging popularity of these incredibly useful unmanned vehicles, which, according to Joe Nixon,

Utility Companies Stepping Up Anti-Flooding Campaigns

With extensive and destructive floods becoming more common and more damaging every year, pressure is increasing on the government to do something to protect people�s homes and livelihoods. Individuals can only do so much, for example gutter guards atlanta are something anyone can access to keep their

Scottish Water Issues Winter Code

As the temperatures reach below zero and severe frosty conditions have been forecast, Scottish Water is reminding homeowners, tenants and business owners to follow their simple winter code of guidance in order to properly protect their pipes and ensure that the water cycle runs as smoothly as

News Roundup: Apprentices, Tariffs, Money Off and Renewable Energy

Scottish Gas Recruits 100 Apprentices Scottish Gas recently announced plans to recruit 100 more apprentices during a visit to its training academy, based in Hamilton from the Business Secretary Vince Cable. There are a similar number of apprentices currently taking training at the centre, with around 70

News Roundup: Sewerage, Health, Customers and Wind Farms

Welsh Water Extends Sewage Network Study Four months after appointing a contractor to deliver a smart sewer network monitoring pilot, Welsh Water has announced that it will be extending the current study which is based around the village of Llay near Wrexham so that it will now

News Roundup: Poo Power, Sales and Investments

Northumbrian Water to supply energy using ‘poo power’ Water company Severn Trent says that Northumbrian Water will soon join it in providing gas for heating and cooking to the National Grid by using ‘poo power’. The biomethane will be produced by breaking down sludge from a sewer

United Utilities Customer Service Workers To Be TV Stars

Two United Utilities workers will be small-screen stars for the second time in 2014. The call centre workers Vicki Lilliston and Lisa Robinson have been handpicked to help sponsor the regional weather on ITV Granada and Border regional weather. Vicki Lilliston is aged 25 and comes from Great

Scottish Water Fined For Killing More Than 1000 Fish

Scottish Water have been hit with a small fine after the utility company was found responsible for killing more than one thousand fish. It was handed down the fine after some chlorinated water leaked from one of the company’s reservoirs. It resulted in polluting the water and

Scottish Gas Create Hundreds Of New Call Centre Jobs

The energy provider which forms the Scottish arm of British Gas, Scottish Gas, is planning to hire even staff more its call centre across various areas of the United Kingdom. The utility company is hoping to recruit 300 new staff members at their centre to improve the

United Utilities Urge Residents To Join The Pump Hunt

Homeowners are being urged to join United Utilities on a pump hunt. The utility provider wants homeowners to help them find thousands of missing private pumping stations which are used for transporting waste water from homes to the local sewage treatment works. Manhole covers, metal cabinets or