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Npower Comes Top Of Complaints Table Yet Again

he complaints directed towards the utility company Npower do not seem to be going away. The energy giant which makes up part of the United Kingdom’s Big Six has once again topped the table for most complaints. In the first three months of 2014, it has received

Npower To Fix Billing Problem After Radio Complaints

adio 5 Live recently listened to complaints from many Npower customers about the methods the energy supplier was using to chase former customers for payments. Many said that they had been sent demands for enormous sums of money more than 12 months after switching their supplier and

Southern Water Is Accused Of ‘Dodging Responsibility’

esidents of Tonbridge, Kent along with their Local Conservative MP, Sir John Stanley, have implicated that Southern Water are “dodging responsibility” and not offering any compensation for customers who suffered with problems from sewage during the flooding last Christmas. In the immediate aftermath of the flooding, Sir John wrote

Angry Customers Say Scottish Power Is Holding On To Credit

Scottish Power is receiving a lot of complaints from customers who claim the utility company is holding on to cash they are owed. Some have contacted the Guardian newspaper’s money section to accuse the energy provider, which serves over 3.5 million homes in the United Kingdom, failures