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Which energy companies are collapsing in August 2019?

It seems like every few months now another small energy supplier who you might not even have heard is in the headlines. There are many complaints from both energy suppliers and their customers about how the industry is regulated. The problems affecting the sector may be getting

The Economist Declares Kinkley Point C “Useless”

The nuclear power plant in the works at Hinkley Point C, in Bristol, to be built by French national power company EDF with the assistance of the Chinese Government, was recently branded “A white elephant” and “worthless” by The Economist. Instead, claims the esteemed magazine, the billions

Apple Brands Its Own Energy Company

The seemingly-omnipresent tech juggernaut Apple has begun taking its first steps into providing renewable energy as a utility company. As many large companies are doing, Apple originally ventured into producing its own energy as a means to offset its reliance on the national grids of its host

Revolution Hits the UK Water Industry

The UK water industry looks set to undergo a revolution after a merger between United Utilities and Severn Trent was greenlit to go ahead. The merger, which joins the two largest water utilities in the UK, comes as the door opens for water sharing between the utilities,

US Utility Firm Shut Down by Cyber-Attack

A major U.S. municipal utility company was completely shut down by a cyber attack this week, as a spate of worsening “ransomware” attacks continued unabated. Lansing Board of Water and Light (BWL), an electricity and water utility company based in Michigan, succumbed to the attack after an

French Government Invests €4.49 Billion in EDF

The French state-controlled power giant Electricité de France SA will be the recipient of a massive €4.49 billion cash injection this year, as the French government moves to provide enough capital for the utility to pull itself out of debt following a slump in energy prices. The enormous chunk

Utilities Companies Fined for Over-Long Roadworks

The city councils of Bath and Northeast Somerset fined utility companies £80,000 for over-running on their alloted time to carry out roadworks over the last three years. The councils handed out 31 seperate fines over a period of almost 3 years, beginning in January 2013 and finishing