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Which energy companies are collapsing in August 2019?

It seems like every few months now another small energy supplier who you might not even have heard is in the headlines. There are many complaints from both energy suppliers and their customers about how the industry is regulated. The problems affecting the sector may be getting

Ofgem Price Cap Changes to Lower Energy Bills

The regulator of the energy industry in the UK, Ofgem, has announced the lowering of their price cap in October. This is good news for around 11 million households, who will see lower energy bills this winter. Another 4 million will benefit from a separate cap on

Northumbrian Water Fined Half a Million Pounds

Peterlee Magistrates Court found that the utility company Northumbrian Water should pay a fine of around half a million pounds. This fine was for supplying unfit water to around 10,000 residents of County Durham in 2016. The total includes £499,725 in fines, costs of £32,792.65 which were

Changes to Your Utility Bills in 2019

In recent years, the industry regulators have been taking action to make sure that customers can afford their energy and water bills. Ofgem and Ofwat are responsible for ensuring that all energy and water suppliers in the UK are meeting their legal standards of service. The energy

Economy Energy Customers Saved By Ovo Energy

Things were looking dire for Economy Energy, so the announcement that it will no longer be trading isn’t too surprising. As 2018 drew to a close, many Economy Energy customers were sharing complaints about price increases and missing refunds. Investigations found that the energy supplier’s losses were

17,000 Tonne Oil Platform Washes Up On Scottish Beach

A 17,000 tonne oil drilling rig has been blown ashore in Scotland after intense storms hit it. The colossal drilling rig, named the “Transocean Winner,” was being towed between Norway and Malta as part of a decommissioning operation when it was taken into the stormy conditions, leading

The Economist Declares Kinkley Point C “Useless”

The nuclear power plant in the works at Hinkley Point C, in Bristol, to be built by French national power company EDF with the assistance of the Chinese Government, was recently branded “A white elephant” and “worthless” by The Economist. Instead, claims the esteemed magazine, the billions

Norway to ban all petrol cars by 2025

Norway’s government has announced that it will ban all fossil-fuel cars in the next decade, marking its continued march towards being an entirely fossil-fuel independent nation in less than ten years. For specific news on Nissan cars, such as advice when driving a Nissan Frontier, take a

Nestle Looks to UK Wind Farm For Half Its Energy Needs

A Scottish wind farm will provide a full half of Nestle’s UK energy requirements by next year, the chocolate giant has reported. The wind farm, planned after Nestle signed a 15-year partnership deal with renewable energy experts Community Wind Power, will open in Dumfries and Galloway in

Utility Company Begins Using Surveillance Drones

A utility company is Allentown, Philadelphia, has begun using small surveillance drones to keep an eye on their holdings, machinery and infrastructure. The company, PPL Electric Utilities, is the latest agency to jump on surging popularity of these incredibly useful unmanned vehicles, which, according to Joe Nixon,