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How to Reduce Electricity Bill

The cost of energy just keeps going up, which means that every household will end up paying more and more for electricity year after year. Budgets are already tight for many people. It is necessary to find ways to cut back on energy usage and bring down

Energy Switch Cashback Deals

Clever consumers will know that they should always shop around to find the best tariffs for their energy. When it’s time to renew, switching suppliers can save you money. But did you know that you can get some extra money on top of reducing your energy bill?

Pros and Cons of Smart Meters

By now everybody will have heard about new smart meters for gas and electricity. The UK government is backing the rollout of smart meters because they are upgrading out-of-date infrastructure and making energy use and billing more efficient all around. They are hoping for energy suppliers to

How to Bring Down Energy Bills in Winter

As temperatures drop and it gets darker for more hours of the day, our energy bills go up. We stay indoors more to avoid the cold and keep the heating and the lights on for longer. It may be cosy, but doing this all winter will cost

What to Do With Overcharged Energy Bills

Energy suppliers are consistently the worst companies at billing customers accurately. Gas and electricity suppliers incorrectly bill 2 out of 10 households. To make things worse, over 10% of them will experience this more than once. The government regulatory body Ofgem has been issuing millions of pounds’

Trading In Your Old Boiler: A Guide

From 2010 to 2013, there was a Government backed scheme which covered scrapping and replacing your old boiler. However, all schemes are now closed, meaning that there is a cost to scrapping and replacing your boiler. This guide aims to help you decide whether it is worth

Water Meter Guide

Opting to have a smart water meter fitted in your home can save you money, but they’re not right for everyone. If you live in an apartment or older home, you may not be eligible to have one. This guide will talk you through water meters and

Price Freeze Tariffs: A Guide

‘Fixed price’ or ‘price freeze’ tariffs are becoming increasingly more common in the energy marketplace, but customers can often be misled by them. Sometimes, providers do not state when the price will ‘unfreeze’ or there are hidden terms and conditions. This guide aims to help you understand

How To Reduce Your Utility Bill

The cost of owning or renting a home can soon add up when it comes to your utility bills. This is why researching all Electricity Rates before deciding which is best for you is imperative! Whether you pay for your gas and electricity separately or on one

How to Save Water

It can be difficult to calculate whether you’re getting the best for your money on your water bills. However, you could also be wasting water without realising, which will push your bills up a drastic amount. If you are interested in keeping the bills down, you might

9 Ways You Can Save On Your Electricity Bill

t a time when everyone seems to need to save as much as they can, if you can cut the cost of your regular monthly outgoings, such as by using to download music or on your electricity bill, you are likely to see the extra savings