Castle Water

0844 257 4553

Contact Castle Water on 0844 257 4553 if you require assistance with your business account with them. Castle Water is a leading independent water supplier in the UK. They supply water and sewerage services to businesses throughout England and Scotland. This includes public bodies and charities. Unlike household customers, all businesses in these countries are able to choose their water retailer in the same way as choosing their telecoms or energy supplier.

Castle Water Contact Numbers

DepartmentPhone NumberOpening Times
Castle Water Customer Services0844 257 4553(Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
Castle Water Billing & Payment0844 257 4554(Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
Switching to Castle Water0844 257 4556(Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
Castle Water Wastewater Management0844 257 4557(Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
Castle Water Household Customers0844 257 4558(Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed
Castle Water Complaints0844 257 4559(Mon – Fri) 8am – 6pm
(Sat – Sun) Closed

Castle Water Customer Services

Contact Castle Water on 0844 257 4553 to connect to their customer services department. If they are your water supplier, you can get support with any aspect of your account. Or if they are not, you can still call them to make enquiries about them. You can get a quick quote for your business, or get more information or assistance concerning new connections. Call them to submit a meter reading. Customers should call this number if they are moving premises.

Castle Water Billing & Payment

If you have trouble understanding your invoice from Castle Water, then call 0844 257 4554 for guidance. If you merge your water and wastewater accounts with Castle Water, you can also save money. Call to find out how you can make things more simple with consolidated billing. Or call if there is a problem with a payment, or you would like to switch your method of bill payment. This includes setting up, amending, or cancelling your monthly Direct Debit.

Switching to Castle Water

Compare the costs to see if you could save money by switching to Castle Water. Call 0844 257 4556 to get a quote and find out how much you could reduce your water bills. Find out how long the transfer will take and how it will work. Call at any point during this process for help or information about the switch. They offer flexible payment options, so you can call them to arrange the best method for your business when you are becoming a Castle Water customer.

Castle Water Wastewater Management

Whether your business is small or a large or multi-site operation, Castle Water has options for taking care of your sewerage and wastewater needs in addition to supplying clean water. Call 0844 257 4557 for assistance with wastewater management services from Castle Water. They can also help your business to reduce waste and lower those costs. Call with enquiries about trade effluent licences if your business might requires consent for non-regular sewage.

Castle Water Household Customers

Castle Water retails exclusively to businesses, so does not provide any services for domestic residences. If you are receiving bills from Castle Water for your household, then call 0844 257 4558 to rectify this. Some customers find that Thames Water transfers their account to Castle Water as a business account in error. Both companies will need to review your account with you to ensure correct registration and accurate billing for your water and sewerage services.

Castle Water Complaints

Let Castle Water know about any concerns you have by calling them on 0844 257 4559. They will handle your complaint immediately if possible. Otherwise, your problem might require further investigation before they can get back to you with their resolution. Call to escalate a complaint if the response is taking too long. Or call to appeal against their decision if you do not find their actions satisfactory. Find out about the options for arbitration in your country.

Other Ways to Contact Castle Water

If you are a social media user, you might want to try reaching out to Castle Water on Twitter or Facebook. However, this does not guarantee a response. If you cannot call, it is better to simply send an e-mail to Or if you have a media enquiry, then e-mail it to instead. If you need to update your details, request an invoice, or pay a bill, you can do that online. Castle Water is registered at this office address:

Castle Water Limited

1 Boat Brae




PH10 7BH

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