British Gas Twitter Account Hacked

An official Twitter account for the utility company British Gas was hacked over the weekend as part of a phishing scam to harvest Twitter login details. The account in question, @BritishGasHelp is usually used to help people when their boiler breaks down or they have another issue regarding their gas or electricity supply. Instead, it was used to post some strange tweets with questionable links.

The messages posted on the account included “lmao you got 2 see this, its awesome”, directed at specific users and contained links to a fake Twitter login page. Instead, people who clicked on the link were being led to a phishing site specially designed to steal people’s login details for misuse.

Victims who clicked on the links would have found their accounts compromised, just like the British Gas profile. Fortunately, the company was vigilant in spotting its dodgy updates and issued a warning about the scam, posting that they were aware of the problem and that they were sorry for any inconvenience that was caused by it.

British Gas Help is a verified Twitter account, but the little blue tick only helps protect against imposters, not account takeovers or hacking. Hackings of public figure Twitter accounts are becoming more common with a range of motives from political and profit, such as the promotion of weight loss pills on a famous actress’ page. British Gas contact number



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