British Gas Electric Key Not Working – What To Do

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If your British Gas electricity key has stopped working it can be a real inconvenience, you can find out with this handy guide below how to report your key as not working, receive a replacement key and how to access emergency credit whilst you’re waiting to get your replacement key.

Reporting your British Gas electric key as not working

The first thing you need to do when your British Gas electricity stops working or is lost is call British Gas to report it. You can call British Gas by calling 0333 202 9802. Once you have called the number you need to inform the member of British Gas staff that your electric key has stopped working. They will go through some reasons why this may be and make sure it is definitely your key and not the meter itself. Once they are sure your key has completely broken they will organise a replacement card with you.

Getting a replacement British Gas electricity key

To get a replacement card you just need to call the number listed above and follow the above steps. They will then inform you that you will need to get a replacement key from a nearby store that stocks the keys (this will usually be a convenience store). You may be charged £8 for a replacement key but in special circumstances, you may be sent your first replacement key for free in the post just inform the team member on the phone if you’re going to have some issues paying for the replacement key.

How to access emergency credit whilst you wait for a replacement key

When your meter starts to beep and shows the E on the screen this means you have less than £1 of credit on your meter and you can activate emergency credit. You can borrow £5 of credit whilst you wait to get a replacement (you will need to repay this £5 before you add on other credit). You need to insert a key into your meter for the emergency credit to be added but this should still work if your key is broken as it does not need to have credit on the key. If this is not working you need to call the number above for guidance on what you need to do.

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