British Gas

0843 658 0878

You can call the British Gas customer service number on 0843 658 0878. British Gas is a gas and electricity provider.

British Gas Numbers:

British Gas Phone Number Opening Hours
Customer Services 0843 658 0878 Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm,
Saturday: 8am – 6pm.
Home Services 0843 557 3384 Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm,
Saturday: 8am – 6pm.
Smart Meters 0843 557 5016 Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm,
Saturday: 8am – 6pm.
Emergency Enquiries 0843 557 3537 24 hours
7 days a week
British Gas Solar Panels 0843 557 3384 Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm,
Saturday: 8am – 6pm.
Complaints 0844 826 8083 Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm,
Saturday: 8am – 6pm.
British Gas Free Phone Number 0333 202 9802 Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm,
Saturday: 8am – 6pm.

British Gas Customer Services

You can get in touch with the British Gas customer services on 0843 658 0878. You can call the customer services team regarding a billing issue or inquiry you have, you would like to receive a quote about one of their tariffs, you want to know about their insurance options, you’re a landlord and you would like to know about their specific packages, you want to know about gas safety certificates, you want to know about home installations, you’re having some issues with your gas or electrics or you have some alternative inquiries.

British Gas Free Number 0300

You can call British Gas on 0333 202 9802 to connect to customer services if you have a British Gas account. This will not cost extra if you have inclusive minutes in your package.

Home Services

Get in touch with the home services inquiry line you can call 0843 557 3384. Call the inquiry line if you would like to know more about some of their home services such as any inquiries regarding your boiler or heating whether that is about a repair, an installation or repair, any issues using their online engineer tracker or booking an engineer, you need to report a move in homes, you have some issues or questions about your plumbing or drains, you want to know about their home insurance, appliance and electrical cover or their appliances and electrical repair or any other inquiries regarding their home services.

Smart Meters

Contact the Smart Meters helpline on 0843 557 5016. Call the helpline if you would like to find out more about getting a smart meter for your home, how to install a smart meter for your home, you want to know how smart meters can save you money, you want to know more about other smart products, you want to know what plans they have that include smart meters, you want to know how to contact your smart meter with your Amazon Alexa or you have some other inquiries or issues with your smart meter.

Emergency Enquiries

Get in contact with the emergency enquiries helpline on 0843 557 3537. The emergency enquiries helpline can be contacted if you are worried about the smell of gas in your home, you’re worried you have a gas leak, you think fumes containing carbon monoxide could be escaping from a gas appliance in your home, your power is out, your boiler or heating is malfunctioning or you have another emergency regarding your electricity or gas. In the case of a gas leak make sure you leave your home and do not light any flames, a member of the British Gas team will come to your home and check for a leak.

British Gas Solar Panels Contact Number

If you’re looking to enquire about installing solar panels with British Gas you can call the contact number 0843 557 3384. When you phone this number they will be able to inform you of whether or not they would be available on your home, as well as details of the price of getting them installed, how long it takes, the benefits of having them and more. If you’d like to ahve someone come out to your home to provide more details about them, you can call this number above to get this booked in.


If you are unhappy with the services you’re receiving from British Gas you can call 0844 826 8083. You can get in contact with the complaints team regarding any of their services that you’re unhappy with or an experience with British Gas that was unpleasant. You can also complain about your electricity, gas, bills or a member of their team.

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