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Pros and Cons of Smart Meters

By now everybody will have heard about new smart meters for gas and electricity. The UK government is backing the rollout of smart meters because they are upgrading out-of-date infrastructure and making energy use and billing more efficient all around. They are hoping for energy suppliers to

How to Bring Down Energy Bills in Winter

As temperatures drop and it gets darker for more hours of the day, our energy bills go up. We stay indoors more to avoid the cold and keep the heating and the lights on for longer. It may be cosy, but doing this all winter will cost

What to Do With Overcharged Energy Bills

Energy suppliers are consistently the worst companies at billing customers accurately. Gas and electricity suppliers incorrectly bill 2 out of 10 households. To make things worse, over 10% of them will experience this more than once. The government regulatory body Ofgem has been issuing millions of pounds’

A Guide to Topping Up With SSE

Many consumers prefer to budget their energy usage with the installation of a prepayment meter. These Pay As You Go meters allow customers to pre-pay for their energy before they use it. SSE is one of the energy suppliers offering Pay As You Go billing. They won’t

SSE Airtricity

0844 257 4419 Contact SSE Airtricity on 0844 257 4419. Founded in Ireland in 1997 as Eirtricity, it is a wind farm developer which operates internationally. It rebranded as Airtricity in 2002 then as SSE Airtricity in 2014, under SSE plc. SSE operates 28 onshore wind farms,

South East Water

0844 257 4413 Contact South East Water on 0844 257 4413 to speak with the customer services department. South East Water is a supplier of drinking water in the UK (though there is an Australian water company with the same name). They do not supply wastewater services

Flow Energy

0844 257 4407 Contact Flow Energy on 0844 257 4407 for assistance from customer services. Flow Energy is a domestic energy supplier of gas and electricity in the UK. It launched in 2013, but its parent company Flowgroup plc had been around since 1998. Flowgroup sold Flow

How to Book Your Annual Boiler Service

Most people rely on the boiler in their home for hot water and heating. This is essential for daily life and is crucial in the winter when temperatures drop. Boilers are vulnerable in winter due to the possibility of blockages from frozen pipes. However, boilers can break

British Gas Lost Card – What to Do

If you cannot find your card to pay for your British Gas energy, you do not need to worry too much. Even if your card has been stolen rather than lost, there is still something you can do about it. Whether it is a payment card or a

Co-op Energy

0843 596 3607 Contact Co-op Energy by calling 0843 596 3607 to reach the customer services department at Co-operative Energy. The British energy supplier began trading in 2010 as an alternative to the Big Six. It is the only co-operative supplier, with Midcounties Co-operative as its parent

GB Energy

0843 596 4050 Contact GB Energy on 0843 596 4050 if you are a customer in need of assistance from this energy supplier. The firm collapsed in 2016, but Ofgem engineered a deal with Co-op Energy. They took on all GB Energy’s customers and staff, though it

Bristol Water

0843 208 2427 Contact Bristol Water by ringing 0843 208 2427 for assistance from their customer services department. It dates back to the Bristol Waterworks Company, founded in 1846. Sewerage services in the Bristol area are actually taken care of by Wessex Water, but Bristol Water is responsible

Economy Energy

0844 257 3031 Contact Economy Energy on 0844 257 3031 if they are your energy supplier or you want to become a customer. Economy Energy is a medium-sized energy provider in the UK, supplying gas, electricity, and dual fuel. It offers lower tariffs and specializes in pre-payment and

Will your energy supplier give you a credit check?

Many consumers tend to shop around for a better deal when their current energy tariff is due for renewal. What many people might forget to consider are credit checks. Most energy suppliers tend to run a credit check before accepting a new customer for a specific type


0844 257 2182 Contact Hive on 0844 257 2182 if you are interested in a Hive Connected Home. Hive is a subsidiary brand of the Centrica Hive Limited company. They produce smart home devices for connected homes. More than a million customers use Hive to control lights,